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October 25, 2006 | South Carolina Headlines


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Dems Abdicate Responsibility
Jimmy Moore
April 16, 2003

April 15th was a painful reminder for all working Americans just how deeply entrenched our government has become in our lives. For at least one day every year single year, I am reminded why I believe so strongly in the Republican principles of lower taxes and less government. Unfortunately, liberal Democrats have dominated this issue for so many years that Republicans have only been able to make minimum strides in cutting taxes.

Now is the time for our Republican-led Congress and state legislators to stop whining about the budget and start converting their conservative principles and ideals into substantive and meaningful legislation for the sake of taxpaying families. And the Bush tax cuts are an excellent starting point.

So many people had to literally sacrifice their own family wants and needs in order to pay their income taxes yesterday. They had to make adjustments to their budget so our lawmakers can give away more money to ungrateful moochers (primarily welfare recipients inside and OUTSIDE of the United States). Those people who owed money to the IRS this year had to make the tough choices about their spending over the next year.

Many have had to cancel or cut back on their summer vacation plans. Others will be forced to delay home improvements or purchasing a new car. While these decisions are not enjoyable, they are a necessary part of what families have to do to survive.

If taxpayers should have to make these changes to their lifestyle when times are tough, then our lawmakers should do the same. Itís time to get rid of wasteful spending! Itís time to stop throwing money at a problem hoping it will go away! Itís time that our government learns to live (and survive) like the rest of us do!

Here are 10 guidelines for our government to mimic what families are already doing:

1. Spend money only when it is absolutely necessary.

2. Be thankful for your employer (taxpayers) who enables you to earn an income.

3. Pay your bills, save a little, give away a little and prepare for an unexpected future.

4. Donít waste money on unnecessary expenditures.

5. If you donít have the money, then you canít buy it.

6. If you donít need it, then get rid of it.

7. If you have money left over, then save it for a rainy day.

8. If you inherit money not budgeted, then apply it to any existing budgetary shortfalls.

9. If you have an emergency need, then obtain the money from other areas in the budget.

10. If you mess up, then learn from your mistakes and donít make them again.

And, hereís a fact that our government needs to understand loud and clear:

In California, where the Democrats are in control of both the governorís mansion and the General Assembly, there is a multi-billion dollar deficit that has been steadily building over the past three years. Nevertheless, the Democrats have thrown fiscal responsibility out the door. This is typical for Democrats like Gray Davis in California and Jim Hodges in South Carolina last year who made their budgetary problems worse by refusing to make the tough decisions.

Actually, California Democrats have pushed enormous tax increases that will further exacerbate the devastation on the citizens of California in the next year and for many years to come. There have been well over 50 proposed tax increases proposed in the California General Assembly this year alone. And the discussion about the budget has not yet occurred.

One of the tax proposals includes a 200% increase in the hated car tax. Even worse, California Democrats have deliberately gone around the state Constitution by deciding to vote on the car tax increase on a simple majority vote rather than the two-thirds majority that is required for the budget. Even as much as South Carolinians so deeply despise the car tax, can you imagine the effect this will have on the middle class and poor who rely heavily on transportation to get them to and from work in California? Since this tax is based on the value of their automobiles and not on their ability to pay, this ill-advised tax proposal is just another example of how much Democrats just love increasing taxes to save their hide. Any Democrat who makes the claim that he is not in favor of tax increases is being disingenuous.

In addition to the car tax, Democrat lawmakers in California now wants to tax diapers, fluorescent lamps and (the NRA will LOVE this one!) bullets! Tax increases are a major part of their proposed solutions to the budgetary shortfalls. Democrats would much rather put their hands deep into the pockets of taxpayers than to even think about getting rid of programs that serve their own political purposes, appeasing such groups as labor unions, trial lawyers and many other Democratic constituencies.

Guess what the Democrats are doing in California to spread their message? They will be conducting a series of town hall meetings with planted special interest groups and party activists promulgating the lie that cuts in spending will result in irreversible damage. Democrats want people to believe that the state government cannot possibly survive without every single program in the budget remaining intact. But, as in other states like South Carolina, people know the truth of the matter is that state government has become way too fat and its priorities have been severely and adversely altered.

Republicans in California and in many states all across America have been fighting for financial discipline and stability in state government and vehemently against any and all tax increases that will harm families and put the economy in danger. State governments must face the reality of the matter and make the tough decisions that are needed to restore a budget without shortfalls.

Itís not the fault of the taxpayers that state governments are in financial crisis. To that end, taxpayers should NOT be asked to fix it, either!

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