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October 25, 2006 | South Carolina Headlines


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How The War Will Play Out
Jimmy Moore
March 28, 2003

Operation Iraqi Freedom has been one of the most intriguing military operations in history. Before the war began we were told by the Defense Department that the United States would engage in a “shock and awe” air strike campaign and then move in with ground troops. But President Bush decided to instead attempt a surprise assault on where Saddam Hussein was suspected of hiding out in Baghdad.

Although the major media and our military leaders are only speculating about the fate of Saddam Hussein and his two sons, it is fairly certain that they were injured during the bombing and very likely severely injured or killed. In the meantime, the Saddam Hussein propaganda machine is cranking out these prerecorded videotapes to strike fear in the hearts of the Iraqi people and vulnerable members of the Republican Guard. As long as they believe Saddam Hussein is alive and in control, their fear will paralyze them from surrendering or speaking out.

The success of those surgical strikes on Saddam Hussein may have made President Bush and his war team extremely confident about the duration and ultimate success of this war. This may explain why ground troops began moving towards Baghdad simultaneously with the air strikes. Additionally, the bombing has not been anything close to the “shock and awe” that we were told was going to happen. President Bush has taken painstaking measures to make this one of the most humanitarian wars in history by trying to preserve the lives of Iraqi citizens. This strategy has put the lives of our troops in danger, though.

Our troops has had to face stronger resistance than expected. Saddam Hussein has undoubtedly put some of his strongest fighting units in key cities in Iraq while concentrating the vast majority of his Republican Guard troops in and around the city of Baghdad.

The Bush administration announced yesterday that the United States will be sending an additional 100,000 troops to help in the ground war against Iraq. These extra soldiers will provide some much needed support for those troops on the frontlines of the march toward Baghdad.

It is important to note that President Bush, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, General Tommy Franks and many others in the Bush administration have given no indication about how long this war is going to last. They have also said that the war is going exactly as they have planned.

The media, of course, has said that this should have been a quick war and are now heavily criticizing the Bush administration for making mistakes and unnecessarily prolonging the war for political gain. They say that Bush does not care about the Iraqi civilians who are without food or water. Despite the very biased anti-Bush reporting of this war, President Bush remains resolved to victory.

Keep in mind that the first Gulf War last six weeks and the conflict in Kosovo last for eight weeks. Operation Iraqi Freedom will most likely last six to eight weeks with a large American military presence in Iraq for an additional year or two to help stabilize the country and set up a new government.

In the meantime, the news media has dramatically changed the tone of their coverage since the capture of U.S. military servicemen, including one woman. Ever since they have broadcast the videotape of what is believed to be an executed American soldier, the media has openly questioned the reasons for this war and the leadership of President Bush.

Although it is a major concern when the lives of our military personnel are endangered, we must not forget what has been accomplished in such a short period of time.

- The 3rd Infantry Division is only 50 miles from Baghdad.
- Our troops in Kuwait have been protected against Scud missile attacks.
- Western Iraq is secure, which means the danger to Israel has diminished.
- Iraqi oil fields have not been widely destroyed (only 9 have been set ablaze).

It is important to note that before this war began, there was a strong bias against President Bush and this war by the liberal press. They are looking for any opportunity to make this war reflect badly on President Bush. Thankfully, most Americans still support President Bush and the war. The latest polls from various sources show that over 70% of the American people are in favor of the way the war is going. President Bush’s latest approval rating is up to 67%.

As our troops around Baghdad wait for reinforcements, there will be a great deal of combat with the Republican Guard over the next week or two. The air attacks in Baghdad will continue to rain down bombs in strategic places to weaken the Iraqi soldiers before American troops come in.

The question everyone has right now is whether Saddam Hussein will use chemical weapons on our troops as they march towards Baghdad. Intelligence officials believe that the Republican Guard has been ordered to attack American troops with chemical weapons once they reach a certain point. It’s all conjecture at this point. Nobody really knows what will happen.

Did anyone happen to catch Geraldo Rivera reporting for FOX News last week? This man who is infamous for being an ultra-liberal actually applauded President Bush’s handling of the war and called the war in Iraq as one of the most “righteous missions of all time.” Unbelievable! Miracles NEVER cease! Furthermore, Geraldo Rivera said that Americans needs to have faith in God and pray for our troops in Iraq. THEN HE PRAYED A PRAYER ON CAMERA! Whoa!

Meanwhile, back here in the United States of America our stock market has been extremely bullish lately. The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose over 13% in seven days ending last Friday. The S&P 500 rose 12% during that same time period. At the same time, the price of crude oil has dropped considerably. This has been reflected at the gas pump lately where the price of gasoline has dropped more than ten cents in just the past week!

But, as news of captured and killed American soldiers came on Sunday, the stock market reacted strongly to it by dropping significantly. The Dow Jones dropped 307 points, but rebounded moderately on Tuesday. As the war progresses, the markets will reflect the emotion of the moment. The volatility in the market will continue to follow the progress in the war.

If the war goes well (and I believe it will!), then consumer confidence will soar! The economy will certainly improve for the remainder of 2003 when the threat posed by Saddam Hussein is removed. We need to continue to pray for our troops and for President Bush and his team during this critical time in our nation’s history.

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