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October 25, 2006 | South Carolina Headlines


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Gays Boiling Frogs Legislatively
Jimmy Moore
December 10, 2002

The frog has been placed inside the proverbial pot of water and placed on the eye of the stove that has now been turned all the way up...

Last week, the Republican governor of Pennsylvania signed into law a controversial bill that provides legal protection from derogatory speech and hate crimes to all homosexuals.

Gov. Mark Schweiker said the reason he signed the bill into law is because he wants to send “a strong, clear message that Pennsylvania will not tolerate violence against anyone - period." Really? So why don’t we include convicted rapists in with that? And how about pedophiles? After all, they are all a part of “anyone,” aren’t they, Gov. Schweiker?

Better yet, why don’t we add Christians into the mix? This country has become so enthralled by these gay activists that our state and national government leaders fall all over themselves trying to appease this extremely small group of people. Meanwhile, what happens to the rights of the rest of us? Has anyone bothered asking that question lately?

But then you’ll sound like you are gay-bashing if you don’t support this measure! Then I say so be it because this new law that was just passed in Pennsylvania by the state General Assembly is just another step in the wrong direction towards a morally decadent society! It passed with both Republicans and Democrats supporting the measure in the state House 118-79 and in the state Senate 32-15.

Even more shocking is the group that drafted the legislation. One would think that a state lawmaker or even a bi-partisan council of community leaders were instrumental in coming up with this new legislation. Nope!

The legislation was written by a group calling themselves the Center for Lesbian and Gay Civil Rights (CLGCR). With a dubious name such as that, do you think they might happen to have a certain agenda in mind when they lobby their state legislature? And how much do you want to bet that it probably doesn’t include protecting the First Amendment rights of religious leaders and Christians?!

Critics of this new legislation fear that it specifically targets pastors and church leaders who openly teach and preach against homosexuality. Since the Bible clearly denounces homosexuality as a sin and an abomination to the Lord, ministers have a moral obligation to preach against homosexuality, but should not be subjected to any state-imposed suppression. This new law would prohibit God-fearing people from exercising their First Amendment right to free speech and religious liberty.

Of course, all of the lawmakers and supporters of the measure are claiming that they are not specifically targeting Christians with this legislation. But the fact remains that anyone who speaks out against homosexuality in Pennsylvania can and will be brought to court to stand before a judge facing civil and criminal penalties as a result of this new law.

What is going to prevent the state from prosecuting ministers to the fullest extent of the new law? Will we see stealth secret agents for the state attending church services on Sunday mornings ready to pounce on unsuspecting pastors? You might laugh at this notion, but that is exactly what this new law allows the state of Pennsylvania to do!

This law can and must be challenged and brought before the United States Supreme Court for a decision on its constitutionality.

In the meantime, now that this law has been passed in Pennsylvania, other more liberal states, such as Massachusetts, New York and California are sure to follow. Pandora’s box has been thrown wide open and the resulting consequences will include the shrinking of the protected free speech and religious liberties of tens of thousands of American citizens. It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen slowly.

The frog begins to get a little warmer in that pot of water...

The key part of the legislation that is most disturbing is how any sexually oriented-based crimes will now be covered under the tougher sentences that come with the state’s Ethnic Intimidation law. In other words, a homosexual is protected from hate crimes just as a member of a minority group is safeguarded under current hate crime legislation. Stiffer monetary fines and longer jail sentences are in store for anyone accused of crimes against homosexuals in Pennsylvania. How scary is that?!

Supporters of this new law are celebrating it as a "breakthrough for principles of tolerance and social justice." This might be the big break that gay activists have been hoping for, but this will not be good in the long run for our society if it is allowed to spread into other states. The slippery slope has begun.

Would this legislation have a chance to pass in South Carolina? In 2002, I would say unequivocally “no.” But how about in five years? Or ten years? What if over half the states pass similar legislation over the next decade? The pressure would be on our lawmakers to kowtow to these gay activists just as members of the Pennsylvania General Assembly have. Is there any way out of this inevitable conclusion?

If not, then that frog may be boiling over sooner than we think!!!

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