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October 25, 2006 | South Carolina Headlines


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Liberal Sanders Getting Desperate
Jimmy Moore
September 10, 2002

It’s no more Mr. Nice Guy for Democrat U.S. Senate candidate Alex Sanders!

With just days before the one-year anniversary of the terrorists attacks on America on September 11th, Alex Sanders has decided that now is the time to reveal who he really is to the voters of South Carolina.

After months of running a barrage of television commercials designed to characterize himself as a conservative (unsuccessfully, by the way), Alex Sanders has decided to launch an all-out aggressive negative attack ad campaign on his Republican opponent Lindsey Graham that can only be described as purposefully enigmatic!

Spending in excess of $120,000 on this new political attack ad during this week our nation remembers 9-11, Alex Sanders has joined with rank and file liberal Democrats who have a history of resorting to such desperate measures when they are lagging behind in the polls. The people of South Carolina must reject this sort of disrespectful campaigning at a time when our country is remembering those people who lost their lives last year during the terrorist attacks. Alex Sanders has spit in the face of every victim’s family and every soldier fighting in the war on terrorism by running such a tasteless campaign ad during this difficult week for our country.

This latest move by the liberal Sanders campaign reveals just how desperate he has gotten in the race to replace retiring Senator Strom Thurmond.

If you agree with me that a political attack ad has no business being run on television during this week of mourning and remembrance, then call your local newspaper (their telephone numbers are listed at the end of this article) and encourage them to demand that this ruthless ad from Alex Sanders be pulled from the airwaves immediately.

In fact, you can call the Alex Sanders for Senate campaign directly at 803-733-8118 to tell them what you think about their campaign strategy. You might want to urge them to reconsider running this kind of ad at a time when people are putting patriotism over politics.

Political leaders from all over South Carolina have openly denounced these ads for their poor timing. Most of the mainstream media will completely ignore this story because of their obvious bias in favor of Alex Sanders. Here is just a sampling of what our leaders have said about these new attack ads being run by Alex Sanders:

"Unleashing a vicious negative attack ad, just days before September 11, is disappointing and in bad taste. On the days leading up to September 11, Americans are reflecting upon a national tragedy. We're mourning our losses, paying tribute to our heroes, and trying to regain our collective resolve to meet the enormous challenges ahead. Resorting to political scare tactics at this difficult time is especially inappropriate. For the sake of common decency, I hope my opponent will immediately pull this ad. He should join the rest of us in remembering and honoring those who sacrificed so much on September 11."

- U.S. Representative and Senate Candidate Lindsey Graham

"What is most outrageous about this attack commercial is the timing. Alex Sanders knows that our campaign has made a pledge not to run political commercials on September 11 out of respect for the thousands of people who lost their lives a year ago. This should be a time of national remembrance. A time when we bring our nation together. Partisan politics can and should wait for another day. I urge the Sanders campaign to pull their attack ad and at the very least to postpone airing it until a later time. Surely we can avoid ugly, negative partisanship for a few days and come together in unity as Americans."

- State House Speaker David Wilkins

“Yesterday, just three days before the anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks, Alex Sanders decided to launch an ugly, negative attack television commercial against Lindsey Graham. It is a commercial that resorts to name-calling, personal attacks and distortion. I have to say I was very disappointed to see that Mr. Sanders has taken the low road in this campaign. For a number of months now, he has been promising to be positive and to run a campaign that South Carolina could be proud of. This week, he decided to break his word. This should be a time of national remembrance, a time when we bring our nation together. We need to remember that we are still at war, with troops in the field, fighting to protect our freedom. Shrill partisan politics can and should wait for another day."

- U.S. Congressman Joe Wilson

The voters of South Carolina should expect the highest form of decency from all of its candidates running for public office. South Carolina voters should be offended by this new Alex Sanders television commercial as well as the inauspicious timing. They will undoubtedly remember this selfish act come November 5th!

Mr. Sanders, for the sake of just plain human decency at a time when we should all be reflecting on the grace and blessings of God on our country, do the right thing and PULL THE TELEVISION AD!!! The sooner, the better!

The State Editorial Page Editor, Brad Warthen, 803-771-8468
The Greenville News Editor: Paul Hyde, 800-800-5116
Anderson Independent-Mail Editor, Bonnie Williams, 864-260-1344
Spartanburg Herald-Journal Editor, Mike Smith, 864-582-4511
Post and Courier Editor, Barbara Williams, 843-937-5526
Sun News Editorial Page Editor, Denny Clements, 843-626-0263
Rock Hill Herald Editorial Page Editor, James Werrell, 803-329-4000
Aiken Standard Editor, Jeffery Wallace, 803-648-2311
Augusta Chronicle Editor, Suzanne Downing, 706-823-3366
Florence News Editor, Harry Logan, 843-317-7250
Beaufort Gazette Editor, Jim Cato, 843-524-3183
Island Packet Executive Editor, Fitz McAden, 843-706-8100

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