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October 25, 2006 | South Carolina Headlines


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Glad To Be Working This Labor Day
Jimmy Moore
August 31, 2002

As we relax and enjoy the extended holiday weekend with our families, I for one am certainly glad to be working this Labor Day.

Although it has been one of the most difficult times in my life, this past year has also been filled with fond memories that I will cherish forever. It was one of the most rewarding times in my life.

Regardless of your political leanings, being unemployed is something that nobody wants to go through. There are sacrifices that have to be made. Sometimes you wonder how you will be able to pay the bills. This kind of situation can and will test your faith and trust in God. It did mine many times!

The humiliation that comes from not having a job robs a man of his sense of self-worth. The behind-closed-doors ridicule from people who are supposed to be your friends can damage your dignity and character. For many people who are struggling to find employment, the pressure can be overwhelming.

As I actively searched for work in various industries (Christian retail, government, politics, etc.), I was able to feel some measure of purpose and meaning by being involved in various areas of my life:

First, I decided to finish my culminating research project for my Masterís Degree in Public Policy last Fall. It had been over five years since I had dropped out of graduate school to go to work to financially support my family. Finishing the research project was the only thing between me and my degree. By the grace of God, I completed the project in December 2001. In May 2002, when I graduated from Regent University in Virginia Beach, VA, it was a very proud moment for me (by the way, what do you call someone with a Masterís degree? Since people who obtain their Doctorate degrees call themselves Dr., do people who get their Masterís Degrees call themselves Master? ďHi, Iím Master Moore at your serviceĒ...just wondering!)

Second, my flexible schedule gave me opportunities to volunteer time at my church. I was able to help in many different areas of ministry, including Vacation Bible School, working with inner-city kids through H.O.P.E. Ministry, beginning a Childrenís worship service, leading a youth boys ensemble, changing the church marquee and whatever else they needed me to do. Although I was not getting paid for the time I invested at church throughout the week, the work that I did made a real difference in the life of my church. I am thankful for what God allowed me to do.

Third, being without a job gave me time to volunteer with political campaigns. I enjoyed getting to meet and work with many of the candidates and their staffs during the GOP primary season. Most of my time was spent working with Charlie Condonís bid for the Republican nomination for Governor. Although I was an unpaid volunteer, I will always remember being in the midst of my first statewide political campaign in South Carolina. I met so many different people (that I now call friends) I would not have otherwise encountered.

Fourth, the extra time I had gave me the opportunity to be on the television and radio. I was a trivia contest guest on the daytime syndicated television talk show LIVE with Regis and Kelly in September last year and a caller on radio with The Rush Limbaugh Show in April this year. I also applied to be a contestant on NBC-TVís The Weakest Link (I drove 6 hours to Raleigh, NC and ended up waiting 7 hours to take the test. I missed passing the test by one correct answer! It was a fun experience, though!) and on CBS-TVís Big Brother 3.

Finally, I appreciate the opportunity that the editor, Jonathan Pait, gave me in December 2001 to write for Writing and politics have been two of my biggest passions since junior high school. This website has given me the chance to do both whenever I want! I have been able to share areas of my personal life (like being unemployed!) that have been criticized by conservatives and liberals alike. It has certainly been a thrilling experience to write articles that the readers of will want to read for many more Labor Days to come.

As for my current employment status, I am working in a temporary position through Kellys Services with a company in Spartanburg through the end of September. I have several opportunities in the company I am working for to be hired full-time on a permanent basis. I am confident that my skills and education will help me get a job where I am needed most.

There are many others in South Carolina who are going through the struggles of being unemployed this Labor Day. If you are one of them, my encouragement to you is donít give up! Keep filling out applications and sending your resume to prospective employers. The right job is out there for you, even if it is not your dream job.

We should all be glad to be working this Labor Day!

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