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October 25, 2006 | South Carolina Headlines


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I Demand Reparations
Jimmy Moore
August 20, 2002

I demand reparations for the plight my ancestors had to endure from liberal Democrats who controlled Congress from the 1950’s to the 1990’s.

They owe me reparations for the injustice of their actions!

Liberal Democrats have oppressed me personally because my ancestors had to endure their love for spending billions upon billions of American tax dollars for government programs that were frivilous at best and mostly failed. What liberal Democrats did to my ancestors has affected me to this day in ways that cannot be easily resolved with words of remorse. There must be payment for what has been done! I deserve to be compensated monetarily for the immorality of their actions.

The legacy of liberal Democratic control of Congress is at the root of all the problems conservative middle-income families endure today. The horrid atrocities that we have had to endure for decades have prevented our progress. The time has finally come for reparations!

All of us who have been the victims of this Democratic oppression should conduct a march on Washington, D.C. this year with at least ONE BILLION fellow victims who will scream in unison on the steps of the Capitol Building, “Democrats owe us!” We will make our demands on the steps of the very building where it all happened and within earshot of some of the actual culprits!

This oughta scare ‘em, right? After all, liberal Democrats today don’t want to have the national media digging deeper into this brewing scandal, do they? Despite the fact that 99.9% of the mainstream press wouldn't print anything damaging about a liberal Democrat, we must make our voices heard so they will heed our demands!

Lawsuits are being considered in several states right now and more are planned each day. With enough public pressure, we could force the U.S. Congress into passing pro-reparations legislation by next year! Don’t you know George W. would sign this bill into law in a Texas heartbeat.

Reparations are a really good way for liberal Democrats to admit they’re wrong. After all, the country would have been better off without their constant stranglehold on the Legislative Branch of government for so many decades in the last century. Their actions have caused me such writhing pain to this day.

We are all victims in this political war. We must unite against the tyranny and rise up from the oppression. We must demand our fair share!

I think a cool $1 million dollars ought to do it for me (of course the lawyers will have to get their “fair share” of the money, too)! At least it’ll give me a million (or less!) reasons to forget about what happened. Nevertheless, I’ll still harbor ill feelings towards liberal Democrats about what was done to my ancestors and how it is affecting me today.

Better yet, my children will grow up and demand their own reparations for the overwhelming affect of liberal Democratic rule, too! A chip off the old block, those kids will be.

And they will have all of us to thank for showing them how to do it!

Ain’t reparations good?!

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