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October 25, 2006 | South Carolina Headlines


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Lost 80 Pounds In 100 Days...And Still Losing!
Jimmy Moore
May 26, 2002

Most of the articles on Commonvoice.com tend to deal with politics. However, the editor has made it clear that the website is open to all kinds of topics. Today I am submitting a different kind of article because it is an issue that even liberal Democrats will agree is a problem.

I’m talking about the battle of the bulge!

However, come to think of it, this IS a political issue, too. There have been people calling for a so-called “fat tax” on items such as sodas, potato chips, candy bars and fast food to discourage people from consuming unhealthy food. I’ll leave my opinion about that for another day, but suffice it to say that I think that is an utterly ridiculous idea!

But, there is a serious problem in America with obesity. Over 1 in 4 adults are obese in the United States today. Obesity is defined for men as more than 25% body fat and for women as 30% body fat.

Increased portion sizes have been blamed for this. Gone are the days of ordering ANYTHING small at a restaurant. Did you know the Kid’s Meal you can get at McDonald’s right now is LARGER than the adult-sized meal that was served when Ray Kroc first opened the famous fast food restaurant chain? Supersizing definitely has not helped matters at all.

Then there is the “couch potato” syndrome. This used to mean sitting in front of the television for hours on end. But now we can add the computer, too! Despite repeated warnings, a recent Health & Human Services report shows that 70% of adults do not regularly exercise and nearly 40% NEVER DO! “Regular exercise” for this study was defined as a half-hour of light to moderate exercise five times a week, or 20 minutes of vigorous exercise three times a week. Ooooh, that’s way too much for many people!

Then, just last week, a hormone called ghrekin was discovered that boosts appetite after people lose a significant amount of weight, leading researchers in yet another direction for coming up with a new diet drug.

These factors and much more describe the story of most of my life! However, after seeing my slightly older brother suffer three consecutive heart attacks two years ago with numerous health complications since, I decided to do something about my own weight.

The most I have ever weighed is around 410 pounds about 4 years ago. When I started this latest journey toward better health, I weighed 370 pounds. That was on February 11, 2002. The picture you see beside my biography above was actually taken on the day I began losing weight!

Before I started the weight loss plan (NOT a diet!), I was addicted to sodas and drank them constantly. I immediately replaced them with Brita filtered water. It was a tough adjustment at first but it got better within days.

I also had a problem with eating a lot of fast food and when I was not hungry. That’s why I started doing the Slim-Fast plan. The shakes and bars were just what I needed for a quick meal at breakfast and supper and for when I would need something healthy to consume. I also kept soft pretzels and fruit on hand for low-fat snacks between meals.

I usually eat chicken and vegetables or turkey and cheese sandwiches on whole wheat bread with mustard for lunch. I satisfy my need for a sweet dessert with Slim-Fast snack bars and fruit. The longer I have been on this plan, the more fulfilling this meal has become!

About a month ago, I added walking to my weight loss plan. I started off walking 2 miles a few times a week, but now I am up to 5-6 miles a day. And my energy has skyrocketed!

The best news is that I have lost a total of 80 pounds in 100 days and I’m still losing! This puts my weight at 290 pounds. My goal is to get down to 210 by December 2002. I am motivated and confident that I will reach it!

The hard part for me is keeping it off once I get down to where I need to be! I have some accountability partners to help me. But now that I have shared my story with you, YOU can help keep me accountable, too.

I will update you on the weight loss from time to time so you can know how I am doing. I cherish your prayers and encouragement as I battle this lifelong bout with fat! If you have a brief story you would like to share about your own experience regarding losing and/or gaining weight, then press the “Comment on this article” button below and let us know. Working together, we can defeat this albatross once and for all!

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