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October 25, 2006 | South Carolina Headlines


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Striking A Nerve
Jimmy Moore
April 11, 2002

I am grateful to the countless number of people who make Commonvoice.com a part of their regular Internet reading each week. Without all of you, none of us who have the privilege to write articles for Commonvoice.com would have a real forum for sharing our thoughts and ideas. On behalf of the editor and all of the other contributing writers, I want to say thank you! Your readership is very much appreciated.

This past week on Commonvoice.com has been quite an interesting one, to say the least. A lot of people felt compelled to share what was on their minds in response to my two previous articles, “Peeler’s Pitiful Palmetto Prosperity Plan” and “My Chat With Rush Limbaugh About Unemployment.”

However, I am beginning to see a very disturbing trend happen whenever certain articles are written that seem to strike a nerve in some people.

I have written a variety of articles for Commonvoice.com since I became a contributing writer in December 2001 ranging from the lottery to Osama bin Laden to September 11th to the Governor’s race. Interestingly, the articles that receive the most attention are the ones I have written about a particular political candidate’s views on the issues.

As soon as I question an initiative or plank in that candidate’s platform, the floodgates open up in the comment section immediately bashing me personally. The attacks on my personal character and of the candidate that I happen to support are unrelenting! This use of the English language is as unproductive as it is unnecessary.

If someone happens to disagree with something I have written, then they should come up with a reasoned, logical reply to what they do not agree with. Unfortunately, the vicious attacks I have recently received are evidence that there is at least a tinge of truth to the specific issues I have questioned about their particular candidate that they do not have an answer to. This is most likely the reason for the personal opposition.

Check out these excerpts of comments I have received in just the last week and decide for yourself whether or not these are responses to the issues I have raised or if they are blatant attempts to lambaste me personally:

“You are probably the most shallow one-sided guest commentator I have ever read.”

“try getting your foot out of your mouth”

“You should be banned from this website.”

“who's payroll are you on?”

“What you write is nothing more than campaign trash.”


“Jimmy has no clue”

“Your writing is just nasty negative bashing”

“Jimmy, for the sake of the rest of us who like to read Commonvoice.com, why don't you just put your next negative Peeler attack on one of Charlie’s electric sofas and pull the switch. “

"poisoned filled paragraphs"

“You’re pathetic”


“Jimmy is usually the one who spews venom across the Internet via his columns on Commonvoice.com.”

“Jimmy employs the popular ‘slash and burn’ method”

“Jimmy venomously attacks”

“Is Jimmy a conservative?”

“Jimmy vociferously attacks”


“Jimmy’s feeble attempt to slam a conservative Republican is beyond the pale.”

“engage in innuendo and mean-spirited attacks against fellow Republicans.”

“you are NOT QUALIFIED for a job”

“stop being a two-faced welfare bum”

“you feel that you are superior”


“Jimmy, you are a RINO. Republican In Name Only. Take your liberal, whiny, goobly gook elsewhere.”

“You, sir, are a sad hypocrite.”

“You sound a lot like a whiny liberal”

“You are an insult to the Republican Party, to the candidates you claim to support, and most of all, to your family.”

“You should be ashamed of yourself for bringing this hypocritical whining and sniveling into this website.”


Isn’t it great to see so many people commenting on me personally that I have never met in my life?! These people think they’ve got me pegged.

Just because I disagree with their candidate’s stand on the issues, they think I can’t possibly be a conservative Republican. Since when has questioning the views of someone in your own party been grounds for personal denigration? You better believe that the Democrats will be pulling out all the stops after the Republican nominees are chosen in June!

What’s wrong with pointing out areas of concern NOW before the REAL enemy comes lurking later? It is the duty of every thinking individual to challenge the ideas of the candidates who want to represent them in government. This is the only way to make sure every angle of a future public policy initiative has been examined for feasibility. If it passes through this kind of open scrutiny unscathed, then it is probably something worthy of passing into law.

Sadly, most of these people who have been throwing these darts at me this week are the exact same people I will be standing shoulder to shoulder with after the June 11th primary elections to help get all of the Republican candidates elected to office in November! Have any of them stopped to think about THAT?!

I'm all for the First Amendment right to free speech, but stay on the reasons for your disagreement and state them clearly without character assassination of the author.

Let’s make a deal. (No, I’m not Monty Hall!)

If you disagree with me (or any other person who writes on Commonvoice.com for that matter!), then can we all agree to try to stick to the specific issues you disagree with and leave the personal bashing to the liberal Democrats lurking around South Carolina?

Substantive debate on the issues will make the South Carolina Republican Party and its candidates better and stronger as they take on the Democrats and perform a clean sweep of every elected office this Fall!

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