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October 25, 2006 | South Carolina Headlines


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Republicans For Sharpton...SERIOUSLY!
Jimmy Moore
June 13, 2003

Guess who the Republicans want to win the presidential nomination in 2004?

Well, George W. Bush, of course. Duh?!

But which of the myriad of DEMOCRAT candidates for president do Republicans hope (and pray!) will win the Democrat nomination next year?

The choice is overwhelmingly one-sided. No other candidate would be more entertaining to run against President George W. Bush than the Rev. Al Sharpton.

And, just in case you are wondering, there REALLY is a group of Republicans who are actively campaigning for and supporting Al Sharpton in the Democrat presidential primary race. They call themselves Republicans For Sharpton (gee, isn’t that original?) and they are dead serious about this.

A few weeks ago, WORD Radio sponsored a “slap the donkey” fundraiser in Greenville, with live updates on the Russ & Lisa Show. This was in response to the outrageous comments made by Sharpton during last month’s Democrat presidential debate that took place in Columbia, SC. Their fundraiser, which raised about $20, was intended to be a joke. But there are other Republicans who are dead set on helping Sharpton win the Democrat nomination for president.

Even syndicated newspaper columnist Cal Thomas has said that a Sharpton candidacy in the Democrat presidential primary would be good for Republicans, comparing Sharpton to Willie Horton, the infamous character who was the albatross around the neck of the Democrat nominee for president in 1988, Michael Dukakis. Thomas believes that if Sharpton doesn’t win the Democrat nomination that he would be the eventual nominee’s biggest nightmare.

But, we’re not talking about Sharpton LOSING the Democrat nomination. If Republicans for Sharpton have their way, then he’s gonna win this thing hands down seven months from now. And what’s not to like about the most interesting candidate the Democrats have put up since, since...well, EVER?!

Conservatives are lauding Sharpton for finally representing the Democrat Party for who they really are -- liberal, racist, two-timing, hypocritical, reactionist, revisionist group of human beings ever to set foot on the face of planet Earth (and that’s putting it mildly)! But, although Sharpton has all of these typical Democrat qualities, at least he’s entertaining to watch.

And many prominent conservatives are taking notice of him, too!

Bill O'Reilly was recently asked by Tim Russert on NBC’s Meet The Press if Sharpton had the qualities to become president. O’Reilly answered playfully, “I don’t know. Maybe—maybe he’d surprise us.”

CNN Crossfire’s Tucker Carlson says that he is a “Sharpton fan” and frequently mentions him as “a great Democrat.” had Sharpton on the cover of their April magazine under the headline SHARPTON’S REVENGE. The cover story notes that the people Sharpton is seeking revenge on are the Democrats, specifically Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Even conservative talk show hosts such as Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Bob Grant regularly speak very highly of Rev. Sharpton.

Sharpton claims that the Democrat Party doesn’t “respect” him. He argues that the Democrat Party has failed to act on issues important to him and his followers. For example, he is always asking why there are no blacks in the U.S. Senate.

(Yeah, Democrats, why is that? Doesn’t the Democrat Party have someone who is qualified to be in that chamber right now? Carol Mosely Braun was ousted in 2002. Who’s gonna take her place? Ironically, the Republican Party may beat the Democrats to the punch by electing a black man to the U.S. Senate in 2004. Stay tuned!)

Sharpton also likes to bring up the fact that there is no black governor in the United States. He laments the severe lack of concern from the Democrat Party about this vital issue to the black community he represents.

Sharpton’s reasons for running are largely unknown. He has always enjoyed speaking his mind regardless of what comes out of his mouth. He has certainly caused more than a few eyebrows to be raised since he entered the Democrat race for president. Does he really expect to win the nomination?

Perhaps Bill O’Reilly summarizes best why Sharpton is running for President:

“Look, Al Sharpton is running for President because it jacks up his lecture fees, O.K., because he gets on television every two minutes, which he enjoys. He’ll probably get a game show…So look, what’s the downside?”

For those Republicans For Sharpton, there is no downside!

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