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October 25, 2006 | South Carolina Headlines


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Will the Real Conservative Please Stand Up?
Jimmy Moore
February 26, 2002

In his recent column, "Reduced spending should be an option," Cal Thomas hit on a subject that is applicable to the governor's race here in South Carolina. In the article, Thomas details how Democrats are always trying to invent new ways to get our money without calling it a tax. He uses the example of the newly elected Democratic governor of Virginia Mark Warner to make his point.

Warner, who vowed he would not raise state taxes when he was running for governor, has decided to allow the state voters to decide through a referendum whether they want an increase in Virginia sales taxes or not. Supporters of this referendum are saying that if this tax increase is not passed, then essential government services will have to be cut.

Itís a Catch-22 for the citizens of Virginia. If the citizens vote for the tax increase, then the politicians can claim no culpability since the voters would have passed it, not them. If citizens don't vote for the tax increase, then the politicians can blame the people for any real or perceived decline in revenue for essential government projects and, thus, escape accountability.

Even more disturbing about this referendum is the support it is getting from the Republicans in the state legislature, who hold a large veto-proof majority. The Virginia GOP, longtime supporters of cutting taxes and cutting big government, have become willing accomplices in this sham on the citizens of Virginia!

Thomas makes a salient point when he says that spending is too high in state governments across the United States. Any attempt to increase taxes is ignoring the spending problems that plague just about every state in America. He says that economic growth as a result of a sound tax elimination policy would provide more tax revenue for state treasuries because more money would be available to be taxed.

Thomas' final point in the article was that the people should be allowed to vote on reduced spending, not higher taxes. He said the best way to boost tax money for education and other essential state government programs is to lower the overall tax burden and to complete the phase out of the property tax on cars.

So, what does all this have to do with the governor's race in South Carolina in 2002? Plenty!

Using Cal Thomas' article as a guide, let's examine the candidates running for governor to see how they measure up:

What candidate has proposed a constitutional amendment to eliminate all personal property taxes in South Carolina to help the economy grow? Hint: It's not M.S.

What candidate has promised to cut unnecessary and consolidate repetitive state government agencies when he becomes governor? Another hint: It's not J.M.

What candidate is the only true conservative running for governor who supports lower taxes and responsible government? One more hint: It's not B.P.

He's the only one who has been traveling all over South Carolina receiving widespread support at his Town Hall meetings about taxes. He's the only one who has come up with the best economic stimulus plan this state has seen in a long time. He's the only one who wants to make some real changes in Columbia to help the citizens of South Carolina.

He is the next governor of South Carolina, Charlie Condon (or should I say C.C.?)!

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