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October 25, 2006 | South Carolina Headlines


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Hey Osama, Where Ya bin Hidin?
Jimmy Moore
January 22, 2002


Is it not strange that we still have yet to find the most wanted man in the world after looking for him day and night for nearly four months? Can the sinister terrorist leader responsible for the September 11th attacks escape the wrath of America? What is his next move?

Oh Osamaaaaaaa?

Can you imagine what is going through the mind of Osama bin Laden right now (that is, if he is still breathing!)? He is probably saying to himself,

Stupid American infidels!
Osama is free man.
Osama invincible.
Osama defeat lazy Americans.

He is undoubtedly so arrogant that he honestly believes the propaganda that comes out of his own mouth. Even worse, he has brainwashed countless others (even some Americans!) around the world into hearing and obeying every word he utters.

Osama, where art thou?

As professional and precise as our military strategy has been in the air and ground war in Afghanistan, the elusiveness of Osama bin Laden is both perplexing and disappointing. Where did he go? If he escaped Afghanistan, then how did he get away? Will we ever catch him? If he is dead, then where is his body? These are just a few of the many questions dancing around in the heads of the American people since that tragic Tuesday morning last September.

In less than four months, the Taliban has been soundly defeated and effectively removed from power in Afghanistan, courtesy of the U.S. armed forces. Although there have been only a few casualties in the war effort to this point, it has been an overall success so far. As our military leaders plot the next strategic move in the war on terrorism, more and more people want to know what is going to be done about finding Osama bin Laden? Are we going to just forget about him?

Unfortunately, I do not think the American people will be satisfied with the war effort in Afghanistan and beyond if Osama bin Laden is not captured and brought to justice. Either his eventual apprehension or the recovery of his body will provide the symbolic victory that so many people are looking for. Emotionally, this is sorely needed to provide some sense of closure for the hurting families of the victims of the terrorist attacks. As long as Osama bin Laden is still alive and free, Americans cannot let their guard down for one second.

Government leaders have told us from the beginning of the war that this would not be a short ordeal. Donald Rumsfeld, Colin Powell, President Bush and others have all told us over and over again that this war will take years to conduct. Nevertheless, I am not sure Americans have that much patience. The longer the war continues without capturing Osama bin Laden, the weaker the perseverance of the American people will become. He must be captured. He must be found.

Osama bin Laden and his terrorism must be stopped. I realize there are many other terrorist groups out there who want to conduct similar actions against the United States. But, it was Osama bin Laden who was foolish enough to challenge us on our own turf first. He must be severely punished and made an example of for the irreparable harm he inflicted on so many Americans.

Hey Osama, where ya bin hidin?

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