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October 25, 2006 | South Carolina Headlines


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Better check your E-mail addresses
Jonathan Pait
July 29, 2003

If you like participating on CommonVoice.com, you might want to check your E-mail address and make sure it is a valid one.

Starting immediately, any poster who uses an invalid E-mail address will be deleted from the discussion area. This is because of logistical problems caused by this misuse of the system as well as its breaking of the intent of this site.

I encourage everyone to be who they are. Are you ashamed to post things under your real identity? While I will not disallow the use of monikers or "annonymous" E-mail addresses (yahoo, hotmail, etc.), I will remove from the discussion area anyone who 1. uses a nonexistant address or 2. uses an address that points to a box that is full or has been discontinued.

As soon as the status of an E-mail address is learned to be invalid, the user account and the associated messages will be deleted.

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