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October 25, 2006 | South Carolina Headlines


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Week in review
Jonathan Pait
August 7, 2003

I know it is only Thursday, but I figure Friday is going to be pretty much more of the same. So, here is my week in review.

The real problem

I was amazed at the last hours leading up to the Gene Robinson confirmation to become a bishop in the Episcopal Church. The media focus zeroed in on the "last minute" allegations. The casual watcher would think that the only thing that was keeping the homosexual nominee from being confirmed was the allegations - not that the confirmation would be in direct conflict with biblical doctrine.

Cultural "progressives" rejoice. The church faithful mourn. Oh, and get ready, this move will cause a split in the Episcopal Church. The people who will be blamed for the split will not be those who pushed for a tectonic shift in the doctrinal position of the organization, but those who sought to remain true to biblical teaching.

Still, the primary problem in the Episcopal Church is not the conflict over homosexuality. It is simply the symptom. The problem is over the authority of the Bible.

Mr. Hollings goes from Washington

Well, Mr. Hollings will be leaving Washington. I really don't have much of an impression of the man. By the time I became aware of politics in South Carolina, the big days of the Democrats had passed. Coming originally from North Carolina I did not have SC History in high school. Hollings was simply the junior senator to me. I will admit that I am more familiar with the caricatures of the man. Let him go off into the sunset. There will be no backstabbing from this column. I'm more interested in who will replace him.

Not a good sport

Kobe Bryant. Do I have to comment on this one? I gave up making role models out of sports figures some time ago. However, it is hard to think ill of someone you enjoy watching perform. In your heart, you hope they are the real deal.

I remember first being drawn to Jeff Gordon. The reasons why most NASCAR fans made fun of him were reasons that I liked him. I got sucked into becoming a fan based on both his skills and his personal life. Even after all of the marital problems I was willing to give the guy a break. Did I really expect better?

Then Gordon started saying that the "way he is now" is the real Gordon and the Gordon he always had been inside. That got to me. I can understand a guy making some mistakes and don't find it real hard to forgive. However, Gordon seemed to be saying, "I've been living an intentional lie." He was a hypocrite.

Now, I'm looking at possibly pulling for a different driver. Any suggestions? The main prerequisite is that he drive a Chevy. I don't like hypocrites . . . but a Ford driver? Well . . .

Republican poster boy?

Aaarnauld is stepping in to terminate Gray's seat as governor in California. I keep hearing the comparison between this actor and another actor who was once governor of that state. That is about where the comparisons end.

People should take a look at the man's issue statements instead of getting blinded by his screen credits. "Ah, but the Republican Party will hold the seat!" So what? Come on Arnold; let us see how you match up to Party's platform. If this actor becomes the poster boy for the Republican Party, perhaps we should rethink what makes a Republican!

One thing is for certain, California is living up to its claim of being the entertainment capitol of the world. Ah, the merging of entertainment and politics – I think I would vote for Gary Coleman.

Mr. Knox, don’t tear down that wall!

Finally, I am growing interested in this Billy Mitchell vs. Greenville City fight. I don't have any insider information, but looking in from the outside, something does seem a little fishy.

There is no doubt that the vacant building is in great need of repair. The unfortunate thing is that the occupied buildings share structural beams with the vacant one. In other words, if one goes, they all go.

Here is where it gets tricky. “Everyone knows” that the City and Bob Hughes want to connect the Reedy River Falls Park with the Heritage Green. Personally, I think it is a great idea. I also am unaware of Hughes wishing to use the land to develop. However, I cringe at the thought anytime having citizens have to contribute against their will.

Billy Mitchell, an occupant, is alleging that the City has worked with Bob Hughes to intentionally allow the now vacant building to reach its current state of disrepair, knowing that it would lead to the condemnation of all the buildings sharing the common structural wall.

Is it true? I don’t know. However, it would seem that it would be right on the part of the City and Arcite, Inc. to consider solutions that would allow the owners of the occupied buildings to stay put. That is, unless they really do want to force Mitchell and Jeanette Surratt out of the location.

As a country boy from North Carolina, I don’t understand all of this city stuff. I can’t help but be sympathetic of the owners. At the same time, I love what the City plan could do for that section of downtown. Of course, I would probably love it less if it was going to be replacing my business!

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