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January 1, 2007 | South Carolina Headlines


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Kimkins Weight Loss Success Spotlight: Natalie Shed 85 Pounds In Just 5 Months
Jimmy Moore
December 27, 2006

The following is a reprint from the blog "Livin' La Vida Low-Carb":

Natalie said her skirts kept "falling off" while on Kimkins

How many of us grew up in a family full of overweight and obese people, some with weight-related health conditions like Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol? We all have and it's a sad reality about our American culture.

But our society in the United States has been heavily influenced by the Hispanic population and their traditions, too, which includes some rather unhealthy food choices such as enchiladas, rice, tacos, carne asada, beans, homemade tortillas and tamales, among other things.

Today's Kimkins weight loss spotlight Natalie knows about this food all too well!

Growing up around a smorgasbord of delicious recipes and sugary sweets ("Did I tell you about the desserts?"), Natalie learned some very poor nutritional habits that led her to become 212 pounds at just 5'5" tall by her early 30s.

"I was embarrassed about my size and it really held me back from being the outgoing and vivacious person that my family knew," Natalie revealed. "It sure didn't help my career because I wanted to expand to public relations and shyness doesn't help."

The overwhelming reality of it all led her to start seeking permanent and lasting weight loss guidance from her deep-abiding faith in a higher power who could help her.

"All I can say is I prayed to God for help with my weight problem," Natalie admitted. "He sent me to Kimmer."

That would be Kimmer, the ingenious creator of the Kimkins low-carb weight loss program which has helped thousands of people shed the pounds quickly, efficiently, and permanently.

Kimmer told me in my exclusive interview with her earlier this year how much she genuinely loves and cares about helping people like Natalie because "every person with a weight problem is special to me." That's the kind of personal support you just won't find elsewhere.

"I had tried every diet in the book," Natalie recalled. "Weight Watchers, Somersize and Nutrisystem. So much money wasted, no little results achieved. I was really tired of plans where you had to buy special foods or follow complicated rules!"

Can I get a witness? :)

The good thing about trying and failing so many times on diets is the satisfaction you get when you finally find a weight loss plan that really works. That's what happened to Natalie when she discovered the plan that quite literally saved her life--Kimkins!

"Kimkins--Wow!" Natalie exclaimed.

She learned that weight loss didn't mean you needed to go through a long, arduous process of eating disgusting foods with a measly couple of pounds dropped each week. Kimkins totally transformed Natalie's thinking about what it means to go on a "diet" forever.

"Kimmer said it would be fast, but I didn't expect THAT fast!" Natalie expressed. "What helped was having a very busy job, no time to really think about food. I planned ahead and make sure I had my meals packed and in our office fridge."

The weight loss wasn't all one big bed of roses for Natalie in the first few weeks of being on Kimkins, though.

"I'll be honest, at first it was hard," Natalie revealed. "I was so accustomed to just grabbing whatever was available as a snack or automatically stopping at one of the six fast food places down the street from my house."

But when the weight began quite literally pouring off of her while on the Kimkins program, Natalie said she really "didn't want to mess that up."

Kimmer taught Natalie how to plan out her day with healthy low-carb menus and specific shopping lists to keep the right kinds of foods in her refrigerator and going inside of her mouth.

"I made up 'to go' lunches in my Tupperware containers for work lunches," Natalie said. "Even my family got involved in supporting me."

That kind of support along with the Kimkins plan is what helped Natalie transform herself into the absolutely gorgeous woman she is today. And she could see it happening right before her eyes in the mirror each day.

"It seemed like almost each week my pants got baggier," Natalie proudly stated. "I wore skirts a lot to work and they were just falling off of me after the first 3 weeks! I could see I was going to need a new wardrobe often so I began trading with my friends and cousins who were smaller than me."

The process of changing her clothes out for smaller ones continued on every few weeks until at the end of five months she has shed a total of 85 pounds to get down to 127 pounds! WOW!!! That's awesome, Natalie!!!

Today, Natalie is a "happy size 8" and the experience is still so surreal to her. But one thing she does know is the lasting impact that Kimkins has made on her and her family.

"The plan gave us all a different way to look at healthier food choices (we all eat way more veggies now!) and my favorite tip from Kimmer to keep a fresh salad bowl in the fridge," Natalie quipped. "Even if I'm rushed it only takes a few seconds to grab one. My mom even created a knockout chili fresco salad dressing for me. Pure heaven!"

So now 32-year old Natalie is una chica caliente (that would be "one hot momma!" LOL!). YOU GO GIRL! What an amazing low-carb weight loss success story! Natalie is quick to show her gratitude to the architect of the plan that has changed her life forever.

"Thanks to Kimkins I'm thinner, healthier and I just had a great annual physical with no pre-diabetes worries!" she exclaimed.

Praise God for answering your prayers with the Kimkins plan, Natalie! Keep on being the radiant example of how livin' la vida low-carb is STILL producing long-term results!

Isn't it time that YOU joined the Kimkins success bandwagon, too?

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