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October 25, 2006 | South Carolina Headlines


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Has anyone seen Hodges?
Jonathan Pait
October 30, 2002

Jim Hodges. Have you seen him?

There is one relatively low-cost way for a candidate to get exposure leading up to an election. Some people are hitting the mute button or turning the channel every time they hear a political commercial come on the air. However, you can’t very well drive through your day with your eyes closed.

Getting back to Jim Hodges. . . Have you seen him? I mean, have you seen any Hodges yard signs?

What do you think about the effectiveness of yard signs? If you drive through nearly any major Greenville intersection you get the impression that some people think they are effective! They’re everywhere! My only beef is that you would think that some of the candidates from the Republican primary had won and are still campaigning (note to those who lost in the primary – TAKE DOWN YOUR SIGNS).

Of course, there is one that seems to be missing. Has anyone seen a Hodges yard sign? In all my driving around Greenville, I haven’t seen one yet. Last weekend, my family went to North Carolina by way of Columbia and Florence. In the entire trip, we saw no Hodges yard signs or roadside signs for that matter.

Now, they could be out there and if you’ve seen one, let us know. Or if there aren’t any, I would be interested in knowing the reasoning behind foregoing this tradition of the campaign season. Do you know of any statewide candidates who have opted out of roadside signage?

There are a couple of ways to look at using the signs.

One. It is a waste. The money could be better spent going toward radio or television spots. Yard signs are unsophisticated – especially in this electronic media driven world. Besides they destroy our quality of life by cluttering up the environment.

Two. It is grass roots. Potential voters seeing that someone has taken the time to place the signs at various intersections – or better yet, in their own yard (that is why they are called “yard signs” not “intersection signs”) – will think more positively about this “honest” support for a candidate instead of the “hyping” of the candidate through TV, etc.

I can’t speak for you but I like yard signs. It is an easy way for people to show their support for those they would like to see in office. Sure, there are lots of campaign workers who go about in their bumper sticker laden cars putting out the “intersection signs.” Still, driving through a neighborhood and seeing those signs in individual voters’ yards does have an impact on me.

Obviously, Hodges signs aren’t making an impact. I can’t find any.

Update: As you can see from the post by Jimmy, the reason I don't see the signs is because Hodges promised not to put any up. I also have gotten some E-mail feedback. One of my favorites is,

"Enjoyed your article 'Has anyone seen Hodges'. The answer to your question is - since he is the trash czar (appropriately named) he said he would not contribute to the trash by putting up yard or campaign signs. Good thinking, on his part, since this just leaves more $$ for us to hear what a great governor he has been for the last 4 years!!"
Ah, yes, but in some cases he moved the trash from the side of the road to my television screen!

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