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October 25, 2006 | South Carolina Headlines


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I'm on your side, really
Jonathan Pait
October 23, 2002

Well, I hear my name is mud at the Victory 2002 headquarters in Greenville. Actually, I don’t think it is “mud” but some other names that I won’t put in print. It all goes back to my article “Don’t forget the roots.”

Now, I’m not going to pick a fight with the Victory 2002 folks. If they took it personally and took offense to the column, they made a mistake. It was not aimed at them. It was aimed at a real issue that is facing the party at this time – and a Republican sweep November 5th isn’t going to fix it.

Back to the Victory 2002 folks. . . I appreciate the work they are doing. They are working hard and doing their best to get people involved. I enjoyed working with Nathan and Erick last week trying to get some volunteers. I wish them nothing but the best and back them up to that success.

That was the point of the column. It is a pity to expend all of this energy if your volunteers simply feel like cattle being driven by the “party at all cost” whip. It takes relationships built over time to make a successful political machine.

Let’s face it; we need some work on our relationships. This year’s primary wasn’t that pretty – not to mention the primary of 2000! Funny, but I took all kinds of grief from my friends when I wrote the articles “Time for some weed killer” and “Who are the backstabbers?” that chastised one group of Republicans (my own) for not being willing to forgive and move forward. Now, I’m getting it from the other side for daring to question the wisdom of actions that are serving to widen the rift.

I’m going to shut up on this matter until after the election. However, it is something we (Republicans) are going to have to stop running from. We’ve got to stop cursing each other behind one another’s backs and sit down at the table and hash things out. I want the party to succeed as much as the next elephant.

Oh, and thanks, Victory 2002 guys, for the Sanford signs that I received after writing Monday’s column. They are proudly displayed in my front yard. I’m on your side, really.

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