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October 25, 2006 | South Carolina Headlines


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Hello from Crawley Swamp
Jonathan Pait
June 8, 2003

Here is an update on the Outhouse Springs billboards.

It appears that the billboard campaign is nothing more than an attempt to prove that billboard advertising still works. Of course, it does make you wonder how "tasteless" people will become to promote their products!

Hello from Crawley Swamp.

No, seriously, I grew up in Bladenboro, NC on the edge of a small marshy area called Crawley Swamp. It sounds kind of creepy, but it really isn't to bad, unless you go down in there at night. There are things down there that make a grown man cringe with fright. Hold it, wrong swamp.

I'd like your help with something, if you would. First though, I just want to let CommonVoice.com readers know that I won't be checking in very much this week. I am here for my family's yearly get together. Right now there are 22 of us with one in the oven. I plan to be having fun with the clan and not doing much editing. So, if you come across a bug (and they are out there!) just be patient and send me a note. I'll get to it when I return.

Now, here is how you can help me out. My sister lives in Florence and her husband was telling me about a billboard campaign that has shown up recently there. It appears to be advertising a bottled water product called "Outhouse Springs." For instance, one board has the letters "LMNO" and a picture of the bottle. Another says, "Relieve yourself." A third says, "Originally in cans now in bottles." There is one that says, "America's first recycled water." Its logo is an outhouse tilted to the left with a little crescent moon on the door.

My question, "Is this for real?" Is this just something someone is doing for fun? Is it a clever marketing ploy for an actual product? Is it someone trying to make a statement about the drinking water in Florence? I'll check in later to see if anybody has an answer.

Well, off to the swamp to shoot some water moccasins with my CO2 pellet gun. Ain't vacation grand? You guys have fun at work.

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