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December 29, 2006 | South Carolina Headlines


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South Carolina Primaries: Your choice
Benj Buck
June 13, 2006

On the morning of the last primaries I overheard a couple of coulleges asking about particular candidates.  I was honored when one of them asked, "Who are SC Headlines and The Common Voice endorsing?"  Unfortunately, my pride became shame with the next response, "I've been watching, but they haven't really said much about the candidates."

Though we don't offer endorsements The Common Voice and SC Headlines offers much insight to many of the important races such as the governor's races, education sup. race, as well as numerous political advertising updates and general primary information

Hopefully, you have already visited web sites, talked to others, and learned about each candidate.  However, if you haven't, here's one last chance to learn about each of the candidates for today's major offices.  I went ahead and included those who are unopposed.

Dennis Aughtry (D)
Oscar Lovelace (R)
Tommy Moore (D)
Mark Sanford (R)
Frank Willis (D)

Lieutenant Governor
Robert Barber (D) 
Andre Bauer (R)
Mike Campbell (R)
Henry Jordan (R)

Secretary of State
Cheryl Footman (D)
Mark Hammond (R)
Bill McKown (R)

Superintendent of Education
Karen Floyd (R)
Elizabeth Moffly (R)
Tim Moultrie (L)
Jim Rex (D)
Bob Staton (R)
Kerry Wood (R)

S.C. Treasurer
Grady Patterson (D)
Rick Quinn (R)
Thomas Ravenel (R)
Greg Ryberg (R)
Jeff Willis (R)

Agriculture Commissioner
William Bell (R)
Emile DeFelice (D)
Hugh Weathers (R)


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