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October 25, 2006 | South Carolina Headlines


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2008: Clinton has company; does McCain?
Benj Buck
May 17, 2006

The rumor mill is spinning that Hillary Clinton may now have a tough competitor in the Democratic Primary.  "Who?" you ask.  Well, none other than her husband's veepee.  "I'm a recovering politician," Al Gore told Atlanta Progressive News, "You always have to worry about a relapse." 

Everyone is talking.  Media speculates his comeback, and the movers and shakers in the blogospheres have thoroughly enjoyed fodder.

How should the Republicans respond?  Well, I've always said the worst situation for Hillary would be a run against Rudy Giuliani for her Senate seat.  Rudy has a good shot at beating her; at least a better shot at her senate office than the Oval Office.  If nothing else, Rudy vs. Hillary would be an extremely exhausting race for Hillary--knocking some wind out of her sail and some "loose change" out of her bank account.  The Republicans' second best scenario would be a Gore vs. Hillary primary.  Gore will dip into some of Clinton supporters' pockets, but to what extent is uncertain.  The only other Democrat to compete would be Barack Obama from Illinois.  However, he's kept so quiet that a serious run at this point is doubtful, but here's a guy that can motivate and excite.  One other honorable mention would be Evan Bayh from Indiana, but he's already proven himself incapable.  The thought of Kerry running again is at best a good laugh, in my humble opinion of course.

While we're on the topic.  Who will be the serious contenders for the Republicans?  John McCain.  If his health stays strong, he'll be tough to beat.  The only person who has the support to beat him at this point is George Allen, but recent blunders have set him back some.  Many would argue for Giuliani, but he, like McCain, is socially liberal.  In other words, he's too much like McCain without any national leadership.  Brother Jeb is doubtful in my mind, and Mark Sanford has his hands full keeping his office in South Carolina.

The stage is getting set for another exciting year and a half of national politics.

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