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October 25, 2006 | South Carolina Headlines


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An almighty hand
Jonathan Pait
September 13, 2001

The number of people who lost their lives in the World Trade Center attack saddens us. The destruction casts a shadow that extends far beyond the shadow cast by the cloud of smoke and dust that rose on that fateful Monday. Our hearts ache for the families and friends of those we have lost.

Still, out of the rubble come stories that leave us understanding that each life is in the hand of a power beyond our human understanding. Here are stories that have come from some who have had friends and family see first hand the acts of omnipotence. Are they coincidence?

A girl attending a local college asks to be excused from a morning class because her brother works in the WTC and she is concerned for his safety. She cannot concentrate on the lecture. She waits to hear from her brother. What she learns is amazing.

Her brother went to his office in the WTC just to find that the office was locked and his boss, who had the key, had overslept. Ironically, the boss also has relatives that work at the same college of the student we have mentioned. Since the boss had overslept, the brother decided to go back down to the ground floor to wait for him. It was while he waited below that the first plane crashed into first tower.

Another relative of some that teach at this college went to the dentist on a nice day in Washington. His dentistís office was located in the Pentagon. He finished his appointment and was getting in his car to drive away. It was then that the attack against the Pentagon occurred. His dentist is now missing.

A few minutes early. A few minutes late. Those small increments in time, for some, made a difference in eternity. Those of us who know the God of Heaven understand that when our time here is done there are no bonds that can hold us on this earth. It would appear that for these, He still has a reason to remain with us.

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