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May 13, 2006 | South Carolina Headlines


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Deporting Decency
Mike Cubelo
April 24, 2006

If you want to deport illegal immigrants, you should have the decency to give up all the things you have as a result of these hard-working people.

You should leave your house in Greer or Simpsonville where these undocumented laborers built the rooms where your family eats and sleeps. Did you complain about these workers when you bought your house?
How about that new school your kids are attending? How about that new mall you enjoy? Who put in all the sweat and labor in building these?

How about that brand-new church built for your congregation? What would Jesus do about those church builders you now want to deport?

Are you willing to stop eating that orange? How about sipping that glass of wine? Ever look in the kitchen of that restaurant your family enjoys? Do you want to deport those who just cooked your meal and washed your dishes?

It is shameful that you, as an American, are willing to deport the type of people that you come from. Don't you realize that if Europe was right across the border, your ancestors, who traveled across the ocean, would have crossed the Mexican desert to live a better life?

What makes you think your ancestors would have been so much better with documentation if they lived right over the border?

Applying the law against others after you exploit them to build your house and church is disgraceful. Where is your decency?

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