quiz that allows guests to evaluate which gubernatorial candidate they are most harmonious with. ">
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October 25, 2006 | South Carolina Headlines


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South Carolina Governor Quiz
Benj Buck
April 3, 2006

Today, SC Headlines published a quiz that allows guests to evaluate which gubernatorial candidate they are most harmonious with. The quiz considers positions from Governor Mark Sanford, Dr. Oscar Lovelace, and Tommy Moore.

The quiz is extremely non-scientific, and by no means should it be a deciding factor for your vote.  Afterall, the issues are too numerous and much more complex to fully evaluate in one electronic quiz.    Nevertheless, the quiz may help you.

Each statement is based on the candidates' campaign websites, and of course are given in a much broader context than the options before you provide.  After taking the quiz besure to visit each candidate's site.  Enjoy the quiz.


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