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October 25, 2006 | South Carolina Headlines


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Republicans, is it time to jump ship?
Benj Buck
March 23, 2006

Fortunately, I've been introduced to a new blog site, THE CRUNCHY REPUBLICAN.  Recently, Sunny brought an interesting fact to her reader's attention.  "Has anyone else noticed that several Democratic candidates for office this cycle have conveniently left their party affiliations off their websites?" she asks.  Sunny directs us to Emile DeFelice, Robert Barber, and Boyd Summers.  The Crunchy Republican's post, entitled TRICK OR TREAT, reminded me of an e-mail I received several months ago.

The email states, "I think that just as the African-Americans are decieved and think that the Democratic Party is their 'Savior', Christians have the same problem with the Republican Party."  The person writing mentioned the Constitutional Party as the better choice for Christians.

Undoubtedly, the Constitutional Party has a lot of excellent ideas.  I consider the party chairman as my friend.  Currently though, I do consider myself a GOPer and at this point will continue to support the party.  Unfortunately, bad apples exist in every orchard.  For instance, I would tend to not associate with Rockefeller Republican (such as McCain and Rudy) and the Log Cabin Republicans (the homosexuals).  However, the mainstream Republicans still tend to be conservative.

Why does Sunny's question about the Democrat party remind me of the email about the Republican and Constitutional Parties?  I'm glad you asked.  What I believe can be mistaken as a Republican drift is actually a liberal strategy--trick.  I'll give you two local examples and a national example:

1.)  In the most recent Greenville County Council races there were reports that many Republican moderates were being funded through Democrat and liberal pocket books, and it was proven that many Democrats jumped the primary fences to demolish the conservative choice.  Such a funding and primary voting practices make the Republican Party seem more liberal than reality.

2.)  Candidates in our area seem to be changing party affiliations.  Tom Ervin (who once sat in the General Assembly as a Democrat and donated $10,000 to the Democrat party just months before running as a Republican), Hayne Hipp (who has for years maintained Democrat affiliations), William Herlong (who once considered running for US Congress as a Democrat) have recently ran as Republicans after their years of affiliations with Liberal
Democrats.  Such party switches make the Republican Party seem more liberal than reality.

3.)  Recently an Ohio Democrat portrayed himself as a conservative, and scolded the moderate Republican incumbent for being too liberal.  Limbaugh and other critics correctly pointed out that the Democrats were scrambling for new political strategies.  Such campaign stategies make the Republican Party seem more liberal than reality.

To be perfectly honest, my hope does not reside in the Republican Party. I will always vote for the candidate, regardless of race or party, that I feel best fits the need.  At times it may mean getting behind a write-in campaign. Sometimes that may mean voting for a third-party candidate. Other times it may even mean voting for a Democrat candidate. Titles, such as Republican or Democrat, should give an idea of how one believes. However, today's responsible voter takes the time to research all candidates to learn where they personally stand, as oppoesed to the direction the candidate's party is leaning.

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"Has anyone else noticed that several Democratic candidates for office this cycle have conveniently left their party affiliations off their websites?" She must not frequent very many congressional web sites then. . . .

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