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February 16, 2006 | South Carolina Headlines


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Sweeter Gift Challenge Arrives Just In Time For Valentine's Day
Jimmy Moore
February 6, 2006

The following is a reprint from the blog "Livin' La Vida Low-Carb":

Roses for Valentine's Day -- what other non-sugar gifts can you give?

Valentine's Day is coming and I bet you are wondering what you can get that special someone in your life who is livin' la vida low-carb. Well, my sugar-shunning friend Connie Bennett has created a very special tele-seminar call this week to help you out!

It's called the Sweeter Gift Challenge Tele-Seminar and it takes place this Thursday, February 9, 2006 beginning at 8:30pm EST. Admission is FREE, but you must register by clicking here.

In preparation for the call, Connie is looking for suggestions from YOU about any NON-SUGARY Valentine's Day gift ideas to share with the participants in the tele-seminar. Please visit to register 10 or less ideas that you can come up with to give as presents on February 14th.

As a special BONUS, Connie has lined up an excellent list of guests for the tele-seminar call:

Robyn Spizman, dynamic author of The GIFTionary.

Naura Hayden, who wrote the scintillating books How to Satisfy A Woman Every Time...And Have Her Beg For More and the companion How to Satisfy A Man Every Time...And Have Him Beg For More managing editor Nancie Clare will talk about the results of a recent Valentine's Day survey her company conducted that reveal what women REALLY want as well as what they DON'T want! Guys, you DEFINITELY won't want to miss this one!

BodyLogicMD's first female doctor Alicia Stanton, M.D. will share anti-aging advice to keep the fire burning for many years to come.

Remember, all you have to do to attend this EXCITING tele-seminar call is suggest some non-sugar Valentine's Day gifts at Take the Sweeter Gift Challenge TODAY!

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Hey, thanks, Jimmy! Appreciate your help! I do hope that people join us on this call. It'll be a lot of fun! Just go to and submit your ideas and you'll get in free to the call. . . .

Read the rest.

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