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June 2, 2006 | South Carolina Headlines


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South Carolina Vacations: It's not just about beaches
Benj Buck
December 1, 2005

Last month I experienced a great time in the middle of nowhere.  That's precisely where Landrum, SC can be found.  Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains and found hidden away in northern Greenville County, along scenic highways 11 and 14. 

 My wife and I typically enjoy a South Carolina, relaxing vacation at the beach.  However, that has all changed.  My summer employees bought us a two-night stay at The Red Horse Inn.  We enjoyed the many antique shops and wonderful dining in Landrum, SC.  We were treated as royalty at The Hare and the Hound--not once, but twice.  We also enjoyed a fantastic meal at the Stone Soup.  Where the H&H is more rustic and pub-esque, the Stone Soup was more romantic and contemporary.

As for the Inn.  Wow!  I promise, you'll never accidently drive by it.  The Red Horse Inn sits on the mountain side, overlooking a wooded valley splashed with bright, fall colors.  We stayed in the East Room, which was wonderfully relaxing with a fire place, whirlpool, leather couch, and large stone patio for early morning coffee. 

VIEWThe Red Horse Inn was recently honored in The Inn Traveler as North America's very best for anniversaries and honeymoons.  And, as if that weren't enough, considers The Red Horse Inn to be one of the best undiscovered romantic spots. 

To whet your appetite for a great getaway, begin by looking at these photos.  Then call Roger and Mary Wolters at 864.895.4968 or email them at and ask for updated information on their breath taking inn.

The next time you think vacation, remember South Carolina offers much more than the beach. 

A special thanks to Kristi, Greg, Ben, Dawn, Heather, Kara, Josh, DeAna, Jeremy, Katie, Robby, Ethan, Jodi, Lucas, Jenni, Kenneth, Emily, Dan, Jay, and Becky for providing this special trip to a piece of heaven on earth.

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