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August 31, 2007 | South Carolina Headlines


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Help Save 'Blaine's Low-Carb Kitchen' Campaign
Jimmy Moore
November 4, 2005

The following is a reprint from the blog "Livin' La Vida Low-Carb":

"Blaine's Low-Carb Cooking" show on FIT TV is on the chopping block

A developing story was brought to my attention by one of my faithful blog readers today about a low-carb television icon being told his cooking show would not be up for renewal.

"Blaine's Low-Carb Kitchen," featuring chef Blaine Jelus cooking up some delicious low-carb recipes on FIT TV (a subsidiary of The Discovery Channel), is being cancelled despite high ratings and undying viewer loyalty (just read some of the comments and testimonies from the show's online forum biggest fans). Reruns of the hit show have been airing for more than a year and executives today confirmed that the show is getting the axe.

Jelus, 36, from Broomall, Pennsylvania, is a former 300+ pounder who took back his life thanks to livin' la vida low-carb. His passion for cooking made the creation of a cooking show a natural next step in his life and it has shown viewers how wonderfully-tasting low-carb living can be. Those uniquely Blaine recipes were a trademark of the show that kept people coming back for more week after week. Unfortunately, the people in charge of programming at FIT TV must have believed all the media hype that low-carb is dead.


Beginning right now, I am launching a national Save "Blaine's Low-Carb Kitchen" campaign and I am asking you to participate. Even if you have never written to a television station before, this is your opportunity to stand up for the low-carb lifestyle as a beacon of light for the healthy benefits it is providing to you and for others who need to be exposed to the message that Blaine delivers week after week on FIT TV.

Here is the simple 3-step campaign to Save "Blaine's Low-Carb Kitchen":

1. Visit FIT TV's Viewer Relations web site and ask them to renew "Blaine's Low-Carb Kitchen" show. Be short, kind, and to the point about your desire for them to continue airing the program. Talk about how the show has personally helped you in your low-carb lifestyle and feel free to share your personal success story while on low-carb, including how "Blaine's Low-Carb Kitchen" has been a part of that.

2. Go to the low-carb bulletin boards and support groups and tell others about this campaign.

3. Personally e-mail and/or call TEN low-carb friends and ask them to begin with step #1.

Follow these three steps and FIT TV and The Discovery Channel won't know what hit 'em! We know how good low-carb has been for us. Now it's time to prove to these television knuckleheads that it would be a mistake to cancel a great low-carb cooking show just because the media keeps saying low-carb is history. Try telling that to the millions upon millions of us who still enjoy this way of eating.


Help Save "Blaine's Low-Carb Kitchen"! You'll be honoring Blaine and his contributions to the low-carb lifestyle in the process.

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