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October 25, 2006 | South Carolina Headlines


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The future for hurricane victims
Benj Buck
October 21, 2005


Another hurricane, Hurricane Wilma, and Florida is in its cross-hairs.  Hurricane Charley victims don't want to see a repeat.  Over the past 14 months more than1,000 people have made "FEMA Village" their home.  The village is actually a trailer park, where victims can live rent-free.

Free Talk Live, a popular podcast, raises voices of frustration that these folks now look in the face of another hurricane and beg for help from tax payers.  FTL says, "After they've had all this time to get it together, and get their lives on track, here they go. What did you expect would happen you idiots? This is Florida! Did you think we wouldn't be threatened again by another hurricane?"  FTL, which is out of the Tampa area, challenges villagers to quit crying and find a new state.

FEMA Villagers

Sarasota's Herald Tribune says:

The 25 individuals outside trailer No. 521 said the Federal Emergency Management Agency hasn’t developed an evacuation plan for them. In response, county officials later said the local government will step in if need be.

Free Talk Live has offered a plan... use the highway system, it heads both ways.  Evidently, people have come to the point where government must do all of the thinking.  At least these 25 people aren't willing to make decisions without local government, Jeb Bush, or FEMA's direction.

No doubt, evacuees face difficult times.  A hurricane stresses communities, both emotionally and economically.  However, for centuries people have succeeded through difficult times.  Such success will take sweat, discipline, and even tears. Actually, hurricane victims can find success.  Learn from New Orleans evacuee, Reginald Bornslater.  A Greenville News story portrays a happy man who is eager to start his new life in a new place. Bornslater models a victim's road to success.

1.)  Jump into the workforce.  For starters, get a job.  Two if you must.  Bornslater, wasted no time finding jobs after leaving New Orleans for Greenville, SC. He's doing what he did in New Orleans -- construction. 

2.)  Welcome helping hands.  People need people.  We are designed to rely on each other.  It's a "herd thing."  In the face of a hurricane look to those who love you most and know how to help you most.  Your family, the church, and local businesses generally offer helping hands. Granted very few are positioned to help everyone's beckoning call.  Bornslater found help with a job (a local business man), was given furniture (a church), and even offered rides around town from a local man. 

3.)  Be willing.  We're talking about having an eye of a tiger. Will-power is a frame of mind.  Be willing to do whatever it takes, even if it means moving. Bornslater and his fiancee plan to make Greenville their new home.  Sure, they have left the life they once knew, and certainly loved.  However, they now build off their past and build new memories.

People are not victims of their circumstances.  However, people can become life-long victims with inaccurate interpretation of their circumstances.

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Bravo Benj!! In order to take a step towards recovery, you have to get off your butt! . . .

Read the rest.

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