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October 25, 2006 | South Carolina Headlines


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A Christian Conservative's 3 wishes and One true hope
Benj Buck
October 11, 2005

Every good story has three wishes. The three wishes that I have, however, do not ultimately control my degree of hope.
(1) I wish to have God-fearing and obeying (wo)men in national leadership.
(2) I wish to live in a nation that boldly says we are “one nation under God.”
(3) I wish to live in a nation that has the privilege to publicly seek God’s guidance.

However, GOP members sin. Yet, they can never waiver the true hope of true Christians. Bible-bashing liberals see victories. Yet, they can never waiver the true hope of true Christians.

What is hope? Some hope that the White Sox will win the World Series. Others hope that it won’t rain tomorrow. And there are even those who hope that they can go out to eat this evening at Sticky Fingers. These hopes compare to wishes, which bring a certain level of happiness.

Furthermore, when you sat down in your chair you had a trusting hope that it would hold you. Others hope that next week’s pay check will meet their needs. Some have a confident hope that when they go home this evening their house will be still standing. These hopes compare to functioning desires that also bring happiness.

Which do you spend more time thinking about? Which generally brings you the biggest cheers? Which potentially brings you the biggest disappointments? Which has more bearing on your life? Wishes or functioning desires? I submit that typically, people spend the most time thinking about and getting excited over their wishes. However, one’s functioning desires can bring about the biggest disappointments and carry more bearing on our lives; just ask the Katrina victims.

My hope is built on nothing less than Jesus Christ. “Silly!” you say? O.K., you don’t have to read on. However, my functioning desire is for the will of Jesus Christ. Such a foundation guides me.

Let me explain. When conservative, Bible-supporting politicians let their flesh get the best of them – whether sex, anger, or alcohol – my hope remains. When the right to pray in government meetings is taken away, my hope remains. Hope shatters only when the foundation for that hope vanishes, and since man will never damage the Sovereignty of Jesus Christ, my hope remains.

The flip side also bears truth. My hope is not stronger with a President who claims to pray everyday and says that the greatest, all-time philosopher has to be Jesus Christ. Indeed, I am thankful and rejoice over such leadership as my wishes may be met, but the man is not my functioning desire, or foundational hope. Therefore, when such politicians fail, my hope is not shattered.

As a matter of fact, I am to assume they occasionally fall. The very Bible that such folks support claims, “There is none righteous, no not one.” Elsewhere the Bible says, “The heart is deceitfully wicked.” Furthermore, the apostle Paul humbly admitted that he does not always do what he knows he should do. Furthermore, I am to assume that there are those who will try to keep our nation from recognizing God’s leading. After all, Christ said that the world hated Him, and will continue to hate His followers.

I wish to have God-fearing and obeying (wo)men in political office. I wish to live in a nation that boldly says we are “one nation under God.” I wish to live in a nation that has the privilege to publicly seek God’s guidance. I wish to live in a nation that at the very least includes Christianity as part on its diversity. However, if the ACLU and liberal ideologies win victories in these areas, my hope will not be shaken. When my wishes are not met, I still have a confident and unmovable hope in Christ. Am I weak? No, I would be weak if I wavered based on a few people’s failures and other's victories.

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Yep, silly. My hope is that weak willed individuals will cast aside the crutch of religion and base their life choices and their votes on reason, not superstition. But that's just me.  . . .

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