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November 10, 2005 | South Carolina Headlines


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Franklin Roosevelt and Lyndon Johnson Are Still in the White House
Cory Burnell
August 23, 2005

Every time I hear the President speak I’m reminded why it is so important that Christian Exodus succeeds. The reason is really very simple: “mainstream” America is so far gone, completely sold out to programs for redistribution of wealth, that absolutely no hope exists of ever eradicating this doctrine from American society. Can anyone make a sane argument to the contrary? When president Bush opens his mouth it’s like listening to war on poverty speeches from Lyndon Johnson’s ghost (who apparently still runs things in Washington since his “Great Society” programs are larger than ever). Within one week I saw the President say that he WANTS Social Security to exist, he believes the poor ought to receive greater Social Security benefits than those with “wealthier income[s]”, and he thinks the United Nations is “good” although it needs reform (what’s FDR still doing in the White House?).

And then to further confirm my thesis that America lies six-feet under in the graveyard of capitalist societies, I haven’t heard even one cable news political analyst suggest that Social Security should NOT exist, or that ALL Americans have an equal right to their own property regardless of how much property they possess, or that the U.N. should be kicked out of the U.S. the same day that we turn in our resignation to the Security Council. On the contrary, it seems that everyone in America agrees with “W.” Truly, America has never experienced such universal acceptance of government interventionist programs. There isn’t one “mainstream” national voice to be heard in opposition. And think about this in your own neighborhood, other than the Constitutionalist circles you run in, how rarely do you hear any of your neighbors, co-workers or friends say to you, “We should get rid of Social Security altogether,” or “Rich people have just as much right to their property as anyone else,” or “the U.S. should pull out of the United Nations entirely”? Without question “mainstream” America believes Social Security is a good program that simply needs reform, that the wealthy ought to pay more of their income in taxes and that the U.N. would work if we just did it right.

I should clarify my reference to “mainstream” America. Keep in mind that we who are strict constitutional constructionists, who prefer a decentralized federal system of government, who acknowledge that America was founded by Christians, who believe in laissez-faire governance, it is we who are the original “mainstream” Americans. Certainly our principles and ideas were the “mainstream” until 1865 when a newly formed and purely regional political party called the Republicans succeeded in defeating their enemies by killing them. Since then America has scarcely seen a speed bump on its pedal-to-the-metal sprint toward centralization via federal usurpation of State sovereignty. To borrow a concept from Ronald Reagan, we did not leave the American “mainstream,” rather it left us.

Let me suggest three now novel concepts regarding fixing Social Security, taxation and the United Nations. First, phase out Social Security taxes and benefits over a period of years and then eliminate the unconstitutional program altogether. Second, totally eliminate income and payroll taxes. Third, eliminate our membership in the U.N. Do you notice a common thread among those recommendations? Elimination. It’s no more difficult than that, but let’s face facts. These programs and institutions given to us by socialists like FDR and LBJ are beloved by the Republicans. Hmmm, I thought the circus freak Demicans and the backstabbing Republicrats were two different parties. I thought Social Security was controversial when socialist Democrats like FDR proposed it. I thought “conservatives” respected equal property rights and fought against progressive taxation. I thought “conservatives” opposed the destruction of American sovereignty perpetrated by the U.N. Could it be that there are no longer any true conservatives in Washington? Well by golly, that’s exactly the fix we’re in. Like it or not, Washington is still governed by FDR and LBJ, and forever will be.

May God grant us success in South Carolina!

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