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November 10, 2005 | South Carolina Headlines


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How Christian Exodus Differs From Neo-cons Like The Christian Coalition
Cory Burnell
August 22, 2005

I often speak with the media, and find reporters awestruck when I criticize other evangelical political organizations like the Christian Coalition. Well, here is a perfect example of why I MUST criticize these neo-con organizations:

I am convinced that everything we have fought for since the founding of the Coalition will really be won or lost in the nation's courtrooms. For that reason, the future of our federal courts is the single most important political issue facing Christian citizens today. The heart and soul of this entire battle centers on the U.S. Supeme Court - and right now the Supreme Court hangs in the balance! On issues like abortion, gay marriage, the Ten Commandments and prayer in schools, one vote can literally make all the difference.

-- Roberta Combs, Christian Coalition President, 08-03-05

Herein lies the ESSENTIAL difference between Christian Exodus (CE) and organizations like the Christian Coalion (CC). CE does not acknowledge the U.S. Supreme Court as the final arbiter of constitutionality, instead we acknowledge the States as the final UNILATERAL arbiters. Furthermore, the Congress and the President are obligated to interpret and uphold the U.S. Constitution themselves and to disregard court rulings they find in violation of it. Lest you think we're alone in these positions reread the Virginia and Kentucky Resolutions by Jefferson and Madison (the latter was the principal author of the U.S. Constitution). Reread the federalist papers. Consider the actions and words of President Andrew Jackson when he vetoed the national bank bill (he discredited the notion of supremacy for the Court). Consider the nullification of the Fugitive Slave Laws and the Dred Scott decision by most northern States. In fact, interposition and nullification by States when the feds acted illegally was common place in America until Lincoln's war of aggression and conquest waged upon the South.

I submit to you that the Christian Coalition disagrees with Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and Andrew Jackson. The CC is led by centralists or neo-cons who promote the Court's supremacy over all branches of government. CE on the other hand agrees with Jefferson, Madison, and Jackson, and is led by decentralists or paleo-conservatives.

You see, the CC willing accepts unlawful acts of the federal judiciary (unlawful in that they violate the U.S. Constitution) as the law of the land. The CC's position is one of accepting "rule of men" rather than "rule of law." The CC does not demand fidelity to the U.S. Constitution, because it openly advocates that the decision of 5 human beings is the supreme law of the land rather than the actual Constitution itself. The CC's belief that courtrooms are the final battleground relegates Americans to eternal enslavement. For whatever the court says goes - there is no higher law according to the CC. And hence, no check on the power of just 5 individuals.

At CE we do not believe that everything we're fighting for will be won or lost in the courtrooms. Rather, we believe we'll win by challenging the federal government's authority in local matters and thereby exposing the house of cards upon which current federal legal claims rest. In all my interviews and debates with liberals I have yet to find one who'll make even the slightest attempt at arguing for the constitutionality of current federal actions. The case simply cannot be made, their lies are exposed, and the truth of our position stands with a commanding and intimidating presence.

I refuse to be enslaved to a tyrannical government that the Christian Coalition willing accepts and promotes. I stand with Jefferson, Madison, and Jackson in the knowledge that the "Supremes" are not the final word. Which will it be for you? Enslavement to a panel of five, or Christian liberty protected for you by a written constitution with checks upon power? I know not which course you'll take, but as for me and my house, we're Jeffersonians!

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Easy Cory, or you might find us traitor decendants fighting an invasion of another kind. . . .

Read the rest.

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