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June 2, 2006 | South Carolina Headlines


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Why Do Republicans Scream about the Dean Scream?
Mike Cubelo
June 26, 2005

Why Do SC Republicans Scream about the Dean Scream?  Well, they:

Prefer their sighs of relief for not being drafted into the war they supposedly support.

Enjoy the party sounds of the Bush twins during War-Time.

Rather not hear the daily recitation of more Americans being killed each day in Iraq.

Want to hear the sounds of farm animals escorted by the GOP  Governor  as they (the animals, we think) leave a trail of  waste in the state capitol building.

Appreciate the rumble of trucks laden with nuclear waste coming into SC.

Admire the hum of tanning salons to maintain their Sanford tans.

Prefer the muffled sound of disappointment in not finding WMDs in Iraq.

Rather play deaf to the sound of no health-care for the working poor while they pocket their tax cuts.

Don't want to listen to the tearing sound of their own marriages (Southern Baptists are #1 in divorce) while screaming about gay marriages.

Don't want to hear themselves express their own thoughts that Howard Dean was right about the wasteful war in Iraq.

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When Mike is squealing louder than Pork and Barrel, something positive has to be happening. Mike, why it is the Republicans are celebrating Howard Dean's visit to our fine state, while Democrats are running for the hills for fear they may have their picture taken with him?  . . .

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