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June 2, 2006 | South Carolina Headlines


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The Myth of "Jobs That Americans Won't Do"
Doug Kendall
June 14, 2005

A lot of government officials, and media folks, attempt to convince us that illegal immigration isn’t such a bad thing, because illegal immigrants are “doing jobs that Americans won’t do.” Sorry, but Americans will do just about anything, if the money is right.


It’s not that there are “jobs that Americans won’t do,” it’s the simple fact that Americans don’t want to be paid chicken feed for the work that they do. Since some businesses don’t want to pay what workers feel the job should pay, the jobs go unfilled. These businesses instead hire illegal aliens and attempt to justify it by saying that Americans don’t want to do the jobs.


Ask any doctor in the USA if he would work for minimum wage and he’ll laugh at you, because he has gone through years of training and he feels his work is worth more than that. It’s the same mentality with any worker, whether or not their feelings (and pay grade) are justified.


Through welfare (redistribution of wealth), our government has created a dependent society: “Why should I go out and get a low-paying job when I can sit on my butt and draw a government check for almost as much?”


When it comes to unskilled workers, many people have gotten used to government (tax-payer) handouts. People with this type of mentality expect something for nothing. They want a nice paycheck, but they don’t want to have to put in a lot of effort.


Liberals whine about raising the minimum wage—because they say that the average person isn’t making enough to live on—while, at the same time, they support immigrants who come into this country illegally. These trespassing, illegal immigrants undermine the negotiating power of American workers, so how can the liberals claim to be on the side of the American worker? On the other side of the coin, let’s not forget about the business managers—whether liberal or conservative—who hire these illegals.


On top of all that, illegals raise the cost of health care, education and other services—and those costs are passed along to taxpayers, in the form of higher taxes, fees, fines, licenses, permits, etc.—so how can liberals claim to be a friend to those who don’t have much, when they are contributing to rising taxes and an increased cost of living?


Some illegals use stolen social security numbers so that they can get work—and that creates a lot of problems for the legal holders of those numbers.


I know of many people who have been audited by the tax authorities, because, on paper, it looks as though those folks made more in income than what they reported on their tax returns—and the burden of proof, along with the costs involved (lost time from work, attorney fees, research fees, copying, mailing, phone calls, etc.), is on the legitimate holder of the social security number.


In addition, illegal immigration poses a national security risk. Providing for the “common defence” is a Constitutional function of government.


The only problem with our current national security scheme is that the only people being scrutinized, monitored, tracked and inconvenienced are US citizens—and that's completely unacceptable.


Where are the liberals, with their “that’s not fair” whining?


06-15-05 Addition:


Let's not forget that the Republican Bush Administration is pushing for amnesty for illegals, so what we have here is a bi-partisan (that word always scares me) effort to screw US citizens, by forcing them to alter their lifestyles (language) and take care of trespassers (welfare and free health care). Get on the phones and let your legislators know that this is unacceptable.


This country needs Libertarians NOW, more than ever.




Copyright 2005 Doug Kendall. All Rights Reserved Worldwide. The views expressed in this article are the opinions of Doug Kendall and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Common Voice.

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Doug, Alot of the problems you mention could be remidied by reforming the tax code, reforming social security and by abolishing the minimun wage laws. If we taxed consumption instead of wealth creation, there would be no need for the invasion of privacy that our current tax laws require of our employer, our government and our selves to surrender to the authorities. . . .

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