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June 2, 2006 | South Carolina Headlines


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A Christian Calendar Exchange
Mike Cubelo
January 29, 2005

of mine could do such an abominable thing as to sick
ACLU on CPW about a calendar that has been printed and
beloved by Greer CPW and its residents for many, many
years now!

I want ACLU to know that I will do whatever is in my
power to see that this calendar continues to be
printed year after year, just exactly as it always has
been. And if Ms Jackson doesn't wish to see Jesus,
who could save her soul, then she can refuse one when
it is offerred her!!!!!!! My most fervent prayer is
that now she would take ACLU and return to her home
state to live now and always, if she cannot leave my
city as I love it!

I would dearly love, also, to see ACLU disbanded by
the government, as I no longer wish to pay my
precious, hard-earned money to keep up their ongoing
attacks against the God I know and love!

See to it that whomever should have this gets it. He
has a fight coming, I sincerely hope! I know I intend
to give this my best shot!


Thanks for your passionate email, Sarah.

The ACLU, as you may know, strongly supports your
right to voice your opinion even when we disagree.

It is unfortunate, though, that a calendar can damage
your relationship with Sheila, especially, one with a
picture of Jesus Christ who believed in compassion and

The emotion that triggers your passion is the reason
that a power company should not be in the business of
promoting a particular religion.

Religion is personal and intimate. A power company's
calendar should be neither since it is a business that
is supposed to keep you warm in the winter and cool in
the summer.

It should not be providing promotional materials on a
favorite religion.

CPW has other religious customers who are Jewish,
Muslim and Hindu along with those who are Agnostics
and Atheists. By displaying one religion on its
company calendar, CPW is not respecting the beliefs of
its other customers who have no place else to go for
their power.

It is also unconstitutional. All Greer taxpayers
finance CPW to obtain its power services. Their tax
money is not meant for religious services or

Our US Constitution has firmly established that our
government's tax revenue should not support a
particular religion.


Because that religion then becomes the government's
religion and, in effect, discriminates against all

For over two hundred years, people have come to
America to escape other countries with one
government-sponsored religion.

The ACLU does not want America to become a place that
people have to leave to practice their religious

I hope you make up with Sheila.


Mike Cubelo
Piedmont Chapter

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