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June 2, 2006 | South Carolina Headlines


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The World Wrestling Federation of Faith Without the Fakery
Mike Cubelo
December 27, 2004

We have Bin Laden saying that he is doing what he can "`for God's sake.'' We got the Presidentís supporters saying that he is doing Godís work a.k.a. sending soldiers more than once to Iraq after 1200 have died and almost 10,000 thousand having been maimed. We got God creating a tsunami (He is the all-creator, right?) killing over 20,000 people.

What is a godless person to do?

We canít pray. We canít confess. Even our tax money goes to churches that donít pay property taxes.

Faith folks are surrounding us around the globe claiming that their god is the absolute winner in the divine rumble. This is the world wrestling federation of faith without the fakery. They actually want to kill people.

How do you deal with people who give faith a higher priority than the reality around them?

Normally, we suggest therapy for family members with similar traits if our insurance covers them. But, this is a global god battle with a take no sinners attitude.

We godless people try to be reasonable. We deal with neighbors who we donít really like. Have a few beers or teas with them while exchanging tools or good plumbers with them. We go to each otherís gatherings and learn how to live with each other. The gods arenít even a factor until some neighbor makes it one. If so, everyone else comes to the conclusion that the neighbor is a nut and our kids harass him or her in some way that is an American tradition.

Unfortunately, the American tradition is going godly which is ghastly.

How did we get so wrapped up in faith like some xmas paper that we normally trashed hours after opening our presents?

Faith is not only killing our soldiers but our American belief that we know better.

Our colonists knew that religion was a danger that drove them out of Europe. Of course, when they established their own version of the divine power in the new land, they started burning witches and trying to ban those that were different.

It took awhile for colonists to realize that religion tended to be ugly when in control and that some new realistic ground rules were needed to protect those not in control at the moment. Especially, those who did not want to see their maker sooner than they had to or who didnít believe they had a maker.

The new ground rules were the U.S. Constitution.

It made sure that minorities were protected from the majority who may fervently believe that they are the anointed ones. Of course, even then, the ground rules were suspect because the white property owners were in control and did not even think that women or black folk needed protection. Like a recent Baptist convention, these white men a.k.a. founding fathers believed that women and blacks should "graciously submit" to their superiors.

In the 21st Century, it may be time to acknowledge that religion becomes terrorism when controlled by the majority. When a virgin birth centerpiece is demanded by the majority to be placed in front of city hall, that is a terrorist act against those who believe that a virgin birth is an excuse of pregnant teenagers.

We need to renounce and make fun of any religion that believes that they are better than anyone else. We should allow anyone to commit suicide as long as they donít take anyone else with him or her for some noble cause or for any number of virgins who may get pregnant.

But, ultimately, leave us godless people alone. We have no dog (god spelled backwards) in this divine fight that is making faith folks a bunch of senseless killers.

Donít believe or agree with me? Name the last suicide bomber who was godless?

We godless folks believe life is just fine and have no maker to satisfy.

If only we were the majority....






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"We godless folks believe life is just fine and have no maker to satisfy." If you godless folks believe life is just fine, then why do you spend so much time trying to rid the rest of the world of religion?  . . .

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