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June 2, 2006 | South Carolina Headlines


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Seize the Mandate
Jonathan Pait
November 3, 2004

The speeches are over. The negotiations have begun.

Even before Kerry appeared to concede the election from Boston’s Faneuil Hall, the Democratic talking heads began to seek to undermine the mandate President George W. Bush received from the majority of American voters. John Edwards picked up the refrain, as he delivered – not a concession speech but a call to "arms" when he introduced John F. Kerry.

The liberals ignore the fact that the majority of voters voted for candidates and issues that are opposite to their own. They fail to see that the responsibility to "reach out" is theirs – not the President’s. Please, President Bush, do not fall prey to this tactic. Realize your mandate by acting on it.

The only way to have the "one America" that John Kerry, John Edwards and those who promote their ideals desire is to do things their way. Never do they see compromise as a willingness to give on both sides. Compromise – "reaching out" – means to change your convictions and ignore the clear direction set at the ballot booth.

President Bush, the nearly 59,000,000 voters who elected you are asking you to represent us as well as those who voted for your opposition. Those who pulled the lever for others will call on you to "cross the aisle" (read "give in to their demands"). However, it is not a time to negotiate. It is a time to act on your conservative agenda – it is that agenda that received the mandate.

Show yourself to be the compassionate conservative. Lead us and ask those who disagree to follow. Encourage them to join with the majority in seeking to make America united. Why is it that we can only be united when we follow the liberal agenda? Call on them to "reach out." Ask them to "cross the aisle." Put the ball in their court. You have the right.

President Bush, we’ve got your back. We long to have a leader who will stand up and do what is right regardless of the Nancy Pelosies of the world. She and her liberal compatriots stand with their arms crossed daring you to accomplish something meaningful. They are not "uniters" they are ones who seek to divide. It is where they gain their power.

Do not compromise the mandate we have given you in order to help create a false unity. What good is unity if it is united in our economic stagnation, moral decline and military weakness? Go forward with confidence on the issues of national security, tax cuts – and yes – social issues. Hold accountable those who would hold back America.  Bring them to us and let us deal with them.

I know. They will call you arrogant. So what. They’ve been doing that since you were elected the first time. Look at the difference four years made. The majority of Americans saw through their attacks. They saw you for who you are – not for how the national media wished to portray you.

Call on us. We are ready to follow. Remember the example of Reagan. Though the same people who hate you hated him, he helped change the world. Why? Because he was the first compassionate conservative. He understood the conservative principles that have made America great. Yet, he was compassionate to those who disagreed with the direction in which he wished to lead us. He came directly to us and explained himself and let us know that his decisions were made because of a love for this nation of which we are all a part.

I know you are not worried about your legacy. Still, I want your legacy to equal that of Reagan. Not because it will mean you will be well thought of in the history books, but because that history – which is our future - will be one of a strong and good America.

The speeches are over. It is not a time to negotiate. It is time to seize the day.

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JP: Put this headline in your pro-life scrap book: "Market Rallies with Bush Victory: Defense Stocks Rise." Actualy, I heard this announced in a news segment on WORD late today. Why would defense stock's rise? Let me back up...you are right. . . .

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