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October 25, 2006 | South Carolina Headlines


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More On the Demented DeMint Flyer
Jonathan Pait
September 27, 2004

Update: September 27 :: I got this e-mail from someone in yet a different subdivision.

"I wish I had the time to sit outside the Fed Ex and see who goes to that mailbox. We live in Silverleaf and this was stuck in our door on Friday.  I am still fuming. I contacted WYFF, The Greenville News and Jim Demint's office.  The TV station had just gotten it, and the Demint office had just heard of it.  Could this be the girlfriend?  Just musing.  It would be interesting to get a profiler with the police department to look at this."

Update: September 24 :: I was just alerted by a resident of the McCarter community adjacent to 291 that the flyer was also passed out in their neighborhood this morning.  Coming soon to a mailbox near you...

It would appear that the "Varvil" of "Varvil vs. State" is Thomas D. Varvil, Jr.  The following was found in court documents, Opinion No. 3096 of the Court of Appeals of South Carolina, filed January 10, 2000.

A jury convicted Thomas D. Varvil, Jr. on one count of unlawful use of a telephone in violation of S.C. Code Ann. § 16-17-430 (Supp.1998). The trial court sentenced him to ten years imprisonment, suspended upon service of nine months imprisonment and three years probation. Varvil appeals, arguing: (1) Section 16-17-430, as applied, violates his right to freedom of speech under the state and federal constitutions; (2) the trial court should have declared a mistrial on its own motion in response to improper closing argument by the State; (3) the trial court erred in admitting testimony that Varvil [***2] drove by Victim's home and office; and (4) the trial court erred in denying his directed verdict motion. We affirm.

Varvil and Victim were once boyfriend and girlfriend. Victim testified she terminated their relationship of nearly four years in early March 1994. After breaking up with Varvil, Victim never initiated one-on-one contact with him again because she "ended the relationship" and "wanted it to be ended." Varvil, however, began calling her workplace after business hours, leaving messages on her voice mail. Varvil left fifteen to twenty messages on her voice mail from July 11, 1994, to July 25, 1995, the time period referenced in the indictment against him. Victim received several messages within short periods of time, with long lapses between each group of calls. Victim transferred several of the messages onto audio tape. n1 Most of Varvil's messages are accusatory in nature and appear to be attempts to get Victim to contact him. Additionally, he would "show up" at Victim's workplace and drive by her home. She stated both roads that ran by the side and front of her home were dead end streets and Varvil did not live in the area so there [***3] was no reason for him to be driving on the roads. She further testified Varvil would drive into the parking lot at her place of work and "specifically" [*339] drive by her office window. Varvil did not work or live anywhere near her place of employment.
It would appear that whomever is distributing the flyer has some connection with Mr. Varvil.

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