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October 25, 2006 | South Carolina Headlines


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It's A Disgrace To Be In Last Place In Education
Jimmy Moore
August 31, 2004

The news about the failed leadership of Inez Tenenbaum over education in South Carolina keeps pouring in even as her campaign has failed to gain any traction among voters in South Carolina.

On Friday, it was announced that SAT scores for South Carolina students had fallen 3 points giving our great state the distinction of having the worst public school test scores in the nation.

Hey Inez! It's a disgrace to be in last place in education!

So what was the Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate's reaction to the bad news? She blamed the "unethical" leak of the data four days sooner than expected.

Oh, come on, Inez! You can do better than that!

You knew good and well how bad those numbers were. Whether they came out on Friday or sometime this week is completely irrelevant. The point is you have failed miserably and should be held accountable for your six wasted years as education superintendent!

But instead of being punished, the South Carolina Democratic Party has instead rewarded you by crowning you the heir apparent to liberal stalwart Sen. Ernest "Fritz" Hollings in the U.S. Senate.

How crazy is that?!

If she cannot even show any improvement in her small domain over the education system of a state like South Carolina, what makes Inez Tenenbaum think she has any business joining the elite class of 100 in Washington, D.C.?!

For the record, SAT scores for South Carolina seniors came in at a miserable 986 average, including a point drop in math and a two-point drop in reading.

Despite these dismal rankings, Tenenbaum insists South Carolina has been the most improved in the nation since 1999 because of a cumulative 32 point gain in the average SAT scores since then.

"I don't think we have to overreact," she told The Greenville News. "I'm sure plenty of students' scores have gone up. Thirty-two points in six years is a significant gain."


Does this lady even listen to what you says before she spouts it out so smugly?!

And she claims there will be other indicators in the coming months that will show how much education has supposedly improved in South Carolina.

Attempting to excuse falling into 50th out of 50 states in education, Tenenbaum said it can be attributed to a higher percentage of seniors taking the exam this year, 62 percent, over last year, 59 percent.

This is pitiful! Does it stand to reason that having more people take the SAT will bring the test scores down? Well, I guess in South Carolina it does!

But I think it is obvious to everyone that this proof of Tenenbaum's failed leadership in education is sufficient enough to vote for Jim DeMint in November.

Tenenbaum laments that this news came out "the same year I am seeking political office." What?! South Carolina has been in last or next to last place every year that Tenenbaum has been the education superintendent! It doesn't matter what year it is, Mrs. Tenenbaum! You still failed!!!

Pitting her miserable track record in education against DeMint's stellar six-year tenure in the U.S. Congress is no contest.

Being the gracious man that he is, DeMint said he does not blame Tenenbaum for messing up the education system in South Carolina, but notes that "it is time we recognize we have a problem that's not going to be solved with more spending and incremental change."

Absolutely! Money is not the solution as Tenenbaum would have you believe because we are already spending more than $9,000 per pupil in South Carolina public schools.

Gov. Mark Sanford was not as gentleman-like in his comments and described the SAT test results as "unacceptable."

"Bouncing back and forth between next to last and now dead last in the entire country again isn't progress -- it's a sad reminder for many that our state isn't giving parents the choices they need in the education marketplace," Sanford told The Greenville News.

Gov. Sanford said school choice is something that should be seriously examined to help improve the sluggish test scores.

But Tenenbaum said this is an attack against the public schools and teachers.

"The sad part is there are people who delight in tearing South Carolina's public schools down," Tenenbaum concluded to The Greenville News. "I feel like we have to do everything to build our teachers up and support our schools and not delight in news that might not be the best for that particular test score in that particular year."

Oh, of course, Mrs. Tenenbaum, nobody is to blame for these failed test scores in your mind. In fact, if people would just stop dwelling on these pesky SAT scores, maybe you could get back to campaigning for the U.S. Senate.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, Mrs. Tenenbaum! IT IS A DISGRACE TO BE IN LAST PLACE IN EDUCATION! And what are you gonna do about it when you lose to Jim DeMint in November?!

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"This is pitiful! Does it stand to reason that having more people take the SAT will bring the test scores down?" Yes it does Jimmy. This is common sense. If only the best students are taking the SAT then the average is higher. . . .

Read the rest.

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