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October 25, 2006 | South Carolina Headlines


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A light goes out in the city on the hill
Jonathan Pait
June 5, 2004

I was eating dinner with my children Saturday evening explaining to them the significance of D-day.  June 6th is a very important day in history.  Little did I know that history was being made at that moment.

When my wife went to make milk shakes for desert, I slipped over to the laptop and checked The Drudge Report.  It is then I learned that the 40th president of the United States, Ronald Wilson Reagan, had passed away.

A hundred memories come to my mind when I think of those days of the 1980's.  The first president I really remember was Jimmy Carter.  The first presidential election that I recall was when Ronald Reagan was elected over the Governor from Georgia.

I distinctly remember being angry -- even as a twelve-year-old -- when I saw the newscasters for NBC acting like someone had just died when Carter lost.  One of the female talking heads (was it Andrea Mitchel?) was actually crying.  It was one of the early moments of understanding the liberal leanings of the media.

What brought tears for the media brought joy for many Americans.  In the eight years of President Reagan's administration we rediscovered our country.  Now we shed tears at his passing.  But we can't spend to much time mourning.  The Gipper would remind us all that we still have work to do.

We've lost a light, but he showed us how to shine.

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