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October 25, 2006 | South Carolina Headlines


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My Almost-Not-Quite Interview With 'The Bear'


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McBride Disses Grand Strand Woman Seeking Photo
Jimmy Moore
May 26, 2004

South Carolina U.S. Senate candidate Mark McBride has been the recipient of some pretty harsh criticism from me during this campaign season for being an arrogant, brash man who is unwilling to do anything different from the way he wants it to be done.

When I sent a list of ten interview questions to each of the U.S. Senate candidates a few months ago, each of them happily filled our their answers and sent them back to me in a timely manner.

All of them except for McBride.

Instead, he chose to ridicule the questions and resorted to making excuses for why he did not get them answered.

In fact, earlier this month, McBride physically approached me at a Senate debate in Spartanburg to confront me for not giving him an opportunity to answer the interview questions.

I reminded him that he had told me that he did not have time to deal with my questions and that he basically blew me off.

Well, guess what? I'm not the only one the Myrtle Beach mayor has done this to!

I received an email from a woman on the Grand Strand last week who wanted to share her encounter with McBride with me.

She is working on a picture book about the Grand Strand area and desired to have a picture of each of the mayors from the Grand Strand, including McBride who serves as the Myrtle Beach mayor.

When she attempted to contact McBride by telephone last Friday to follow-up on a fax she had sent his office earlier in the week requesting a photograph, she reported that McBride exclaimed, "Sorry, I am too busy to deal with this."

"Do you expect me to stop what I am doing just to be in your book? I don't think so, I am running for the U.S. Senate," McBride told her.

The conversation with McBride quickly ended and the lady was shocked to say the least. She immediately began looking into how an "unfriendly" man like McBride could become a mayor.

In her online research of McBride, she came across my stories at SC GOPUSA and CommonVoice on my experience with McBride and felt compelled to write.

She stated that McBride is the only person she has contacted for this project who gave her a hard time about the picture book.

With "excited" responses from celebrities such as Vanna White, Robert Brooks and Nancy O'Dell, she acknowledged that each of them are "very busy" but "they found the time to send" a picture for the book and were "very nice" about it.

"Out of all the people that I have contacted," the woman proclaimed, McBride "was the only one that acted in such a rude manner."

Towards the end of the email she sent to me, the woman asks an interesting question indeed.

"When the book comes out, and [McBride] is the ONLY mayor from the Grand Strand not included, is he going to ask me why did I not include him?," she wrote in a thought-provoking conclusion.

Oh, and by the way, McBride is still only hovering around 1% in the latest SC GOPUSA poll. Is it any wonder?!

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The term "Disses"in the title is confusing. I am not upon my ebonics , but is this part of the minority outreach program?  . . .

Read the rest.

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