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October 25, 2006 | South Carolina Headlines


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10 Questions For U.S. Senate Candidate Orly Benny Davis
Jimmy Moore
April 9, 2004

South Carolina GOPUSA Exclusive reprinted here by permission.

Each of the candidates running in the Republican primary for the U.S. Senate on June 8th will be answering the following ten questions in a series of published interviews.

We have already heard from Charleston real estate developer Thomas Ravenel and 4th District Congressman Jim DeMint.

The third candidate featured in this series of exclusive interviews with the U.S. Senate candidates is construction and development businesswoman Orly Benny Davis.

Candidate:Orly Benny Davis Marital Status: Married to her husband, David, and has 4 children Age: You don't ask that question to a woman and live to tell about it! Career Achievement: Has earned the Businessman of the Year award in 2003 by the National Republican Congressional Committee and has received several other awards recognizing her spirit of entrepeneurship. Political Experience: First run for public office

10 Questions For Orly Benny Davis

SC GOPUSA: Tell Republican voters in South Carolina why they should vote for you instead of the other excellent candidates running for the GOP nomination for the U.S. Senate.

DAVIS: I think the qualities that separate me as a candidate can be found in my background. I'm a businesswoman who's brought hundreds of jobs to this state. I'm a mother who sends four kids to school everyday and equips them with a belief in the importance of God and family above all else. And I'm someone who's seen terrorism up-close and thus has unmatched determination to eradicate it from the face of the earth.

SC GOPUSA: What do you consider your strongest personal asset?

DAVIS: As someone who's spent decades in business my strongest asset is knowing what it takes to create jobs, how government can help and when it should stay out of the way. Additionally, I've honed strong communication skills that I could put to work across South Carolina to make sure all of our state's citizens are truly represented in the Senate.

SC GOPUSA: What qualities make up the ideal U.S. Senator?

DAVIS: Our senator represents our state and our people and should always strive to be the best ambassador and advocate of both. Our next U.S. Senator will be in a crucial position to aid South Carolina in its transformation to a new economy and we'll need someone who isn't afraid to stand up and make sure we get the help we deserve. We also need to send someone to Washington who mirrors our state's value system and who possesses a strong sense of moral leadership to help guide our country in these trying times.

SC GOPUSA: A recent report by the trustees of both Social Security and Medicare shockingly revealed these programs will completely run out of funds in 15 years. What options will you support to fix or replace these programs if you are elected to serve in the U.S. Senate?

DAVIS:The looming Social Security and Medicare crisis should serve as a wake up call to cut back spending in all other non-essential areas so we can stop dipping into these funds. We must meet our obligations to those who have paid into the system without sacrificing its promise to those who are just beginning to enter the workforce.

SC GOPUSA: On the issue of President George W. Bush's temporary worker program, do you agree with the president's decision to allow illegal aliens access to American jobs?

DAVIS: In this day and age, immigration must be viewed as a national security issue. And in this light, President Bush's program is undoubtedly the right course of action because it enables our government to acquire much more complete information on who is in the country and for what reason. We simply cannot afford the security risk presented by having 8-10 million undocumented people within our borders.

SC GOPUSA: Undoubtedly, the issue of homeland security will continue to dominate our foreign policy for many years to come. What actions will you take as a U.S. Senator regarding the ongoing war on terrorism?

DAVIS: Clearly, the most important thing our next U.S. Senator can do is offer their support to the commander-in-chief and our fighting men and women. We must continue to take the fight to the terrorists on every front, wherever they go. As a survivor of a double suicide bombing you can count on my unwavering commitment to helping our country win this war.

SC GOPUSA: Senate Democrats have literally hijacked the judicial nomination process ever since Bush became president in 2000. Assuming the Republican Party does not pick up enough seats to overcome the threat of a filibuster from the Democrats, what will you do to stop the obstructionism?

DAVIS: Again, working in business you learn how to move past contention to common ground, skills that will be invaluable in massaging out controversial issues such as this. I would also support legislation to ensure each nominee receive an up-or-down vote, first in the judiciary committee and then (assuming they get out of committee) on the floor of the Senate itself.

SC GOPUSA: Demonstrate to voters who may believe the Bush tax cuts are only "for the rich" and have cost American jobs how they will see real tax relief and steady job growth if you are elected to the U.S. Senate.

DAVIS: I don't believe most voters buy the class-warfare rhetoric propagated by fans of big government. People understand that the less money the government takes the more chances there are for job creation and other positive opportunities. I support making the tax cuts permanent and enlarging the lowest tax bracket to help more working families get by.

SC GOPUSA: If you are one of the top two candidates after the June 11th primary, who will you be facing in the runoff election and why?

DAVIS: Speculation is good for the stock market, but I prefer to concentrate on my own campaign. I can predict that whoever is paired with me in the runoff will face a candidate whose commitment to American ideals, American beliefs and the American dream are unparalleled.

SC GOPUSA: Imagine this is your final opportunity to speak to Republican voters before they cast their ballots in the Republican primary. What do you want them to remember about you more than anything else?

DAVIS: I want people to know that we must seize this historic opportunity to fill this seat with a Republican who will be an ardent supporter of free markets and democracy at home and abroad; and I believe I have the best shot of doing that this November if you will give me a chance in June. And if you're looking for something to remember, try my website. Thank you and God Bless!

For more info on Orly Benny Davis, visit her web site at www.orly4senate.com.

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