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October 25, 2006 | South Carolina Headlines


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Poll Wars on CommonVoice.com
Jonathan Pait
January 22, 2004

I received the following from a new reader (non-member) of The Common Voice.  It regards the polls that appear on the site.  Now I have to decide what I am going to do.  What do you think?
Dear Editor,
I was very disappointed to read the questions regarding Inez.  The list of options is heavily biased negatively against her.  If you are serious about wanting this site to serve a "common voice" and be a true public service, then you need to play it straight.

You give only one option to support her remaining in office.  Also, you have an option "Yes, before she can request more money to waste."  What about an option, "No, we need her to stand up for reasonable funding for education in this state."  The bias brings the integrity of this site into serious question!!!
I responded.
Please notice that the polls are submitted by the readers.  You also have the option to submit a poll slanted toward Inez.  Before you get too upset with me, let me tell you that it was even more slanted until I added the option "She has a right to hold both positions" -- and I will add that was my choice when I cast my vote in the poll.

Feel free to submit your own poll questions.  Hopefully, you will be more mature about it than the last guy and I won't have to add an option to yours.  You will also be glad to note that a new poll was submitted this morning (I believe by a libertarian) that I think is a very good poll.  It is more along the lines of what I would put there myself.

I do have one more poll in the queue for which I am trying to find a blancing option.  You'll be glad to know it is blasting a Republican.
So what do you the readers think about the poll submittal process?  I will always try to keep things as close the the original submission as possible.  However, I will add an option if need be to give an option to the other side.  Try to keep that in mind when you submit these things.

Finally, the appearance of a poll is NOT an endorsement of the positions being advocated in the poll.

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