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June 2, 2006 | South Carolina Headlines


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Barbara Cries Wolfowitz
Mike Cubelo
October 26, 2003

Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz looked a little shaken in his pretensions.

He experienced a real act of war as rockets hit his hotel in Baghdad. His confident voice before congressional committees about pre-emptive war action became shaky at a press conference after a real war action.

This is what happens to pretenders when reality strikes.

Makes you wonder how the President would feel if he was on an aircraft carrier during a real battle as opposed to landing on one during a "Mission Accomplished" celebration ceremony.

The war pretenders tend to preach better than practice.

The sermons about Iraqi freedom and success continue to come from the political pulpits of the White House and Pentagon as attacks rise against American soldiers.

An American colonel was killed at the hotel that was hit while Wolfowitz was spared from injury.

The war pretenders never die; they just fade away from the scene.

Bush officials like Wolfowitz proclaim that they have the best of motives until you ask for the documentation.

Thomas Kean, the former Republican governor of New Jersey who now heads the 9/11 investigation commission, is frustrated by these Bush officials who have not fully complied with document requests.

The panel is supposed to complete their work by May 2004, but members are now saying the White House's delays may cost them the deadline. "I will not stand for it," said Kean, "We will use every tool at our command to get a hold of every document."

Pretenders like delays because the illusions last longer.

Why let TV cameras or photographers document the body bags coming off the planes from Baghdad?

Let's keep the distance between the war dead in Iraq and the grief that comes home by pretending that we are banning the media for security reasons.

Why keep casualty figures on the main web page of the Pentagon?

Let's force the public to search for the real casualty numbers by pretending that they are not as bad as other wars.

Let's be like Defense Secretary Rumsfeld who publicly says that Iraq is going well but writes an internal memo about how bad Iraq really is and will be.

When Barbara Bush makes comments about a "sorry bunch," it rings true about these war pretenders.

Barbara, like her son, is just "crying wolfowitz."



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Just when one thinks Mike can't get any more knuckleheaded, he proves he is a hard man to underestimate.

Ten years ago, Paul Wolfowitz was a lonely voice saying that there were enemies in the world that did not value a specific territory, and that the only way to diminish the threat they represented was to preemptively destroy their capability to inflict harm on us. . . .

Read the rest.

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