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June 2, 2006 | South Carolina Headlines


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Who Was Rush?
Mike Cubelo
October 16, 2003

Itís comfy knowing that Rush is in rehab dealing with his liberal use of prescription drugs bought illegally.

Liberal was a word that Rush ridiculed except when it came to a supply of pills. Conservative was his ideal. It was a tradition of discipline that we now know he did not follow.

He derided the excesses of hippie culture and ridiculed the Clintons' for corrupting the culture. He lamented how President Clinton was a poor role model while he himself was a drug addict.

While Clinton was having a rendezvous with an intern, Rush was having a rendezvous with his housekeeper.

Rush claimed that he was "having more fun than a human being should have" and we now know what he meant. It was fun fueled by drugs.

He made fun of Democrats who did not report the income of housekeepers and nannies. Now, we hear how Rush used his own housekeeper to deal drugs. Did he report her income?

Rush personified an arrogant attitude of the Republican Party that was a chubby white version of the American Dream. Drugs were not a Republican problem. It was more a Democratic Party problem that wanted addicts to remain dependent on the government for help.

Rush could afford his habit. He is a Republican version of a drug addict. He gets tax cuts to support his habit.

Rush thought he had "talent on loan from god." He now has an "addiction on loan from god."

Was it the talent or the addiction?

Who was Rush?

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Mike Cubelo and his ilk was who Rush was talking about when he said he could out-debate them with half his brain tied behind his back...........it was!!!  . . .

Read the rest.

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