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June 2, 2006 | South Carolina Headlines


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What Would Reagan Do?
Mike Cubelo
October 5, 2003

There must be a mighty wide cleavage about the meaning of honor and integrity among Republicans.

One Left Coast Republican uninvitingly touches teenage female breasts while a Right Coast Republican hides the exposed breast of an ancient female statue.

Do honor and integrity vary from coast to coast? How does the meaning of honor and integrity snake through the red states that voted for Bush?

Honor and integrity do not appear to be GOP absolute values.

Being married to a Kennedy, you would think that a Republican would have savored the opportunity to be a traditional value role model to the in-laws. As Maria Shriver performs the Kennedy dance ritual about loyalty and fidelity to excuse her husband, Republicans remain passive. When Hillary did the same for her husband, Republicans attacked.

Although there was marriage overlap with the lap dancing by Arnold who evokes Reagan at campaign stops, Republicans have not come forth to make any distinction between Reagan values and Arnold values.

What Would Reagan Do?

I certainly donít believe Reagan lap danced.

Is the honor and integrity of Reagan the same as Arnold?

Quiet Republicans are saying "yes" with an Austrian accent.

Back in DC, we hear about a CIA agent being put in danger for political revenge. Instead of using the promised higher standards of honor and integrity, our President waits a couple of months to ask his own staff to come forward with the truth. This presidential request is only made after the Justice Department starts an investigation. And, he only "asks" and not "demands" which would require a higher standard of honor and integrity.

This latest CIA episode shows that the GOP cleavage about honor and integrity getting wider in the Oval Office especially after nukes and WMDs in Iraq are yet to be found.

This cleavage has also cracked Rush radio. Ignore the unconscious racism of Rush that has kept African-Americans away from the Republican Party. Take the basic drug charge.

Rush could have just said no, I did not buy illegal drugs. This would have conveyed the excellence in honor and integrity that Rush boasts about. But, he followed the GOP cleavage and hired a lawyer.

Doesnít Rush know if he took illegal drugs? We know he had problems with his hearing but not with his memory.

Be it Rush, Arnold, or the President, the GOP cleavage about honor and integrity is wide and crooked. Thereís a big hole that is being filled with scandals that surpass the Clinton era.

The only thing missing is the wagging finger of denial but that would be difficult in light of all the breasts, pills, and leaks involved.

What would Reagan do?

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Forgot one more GOP cleavage of honor and integrity.

In a report released this weekend, W knew that the Iraqi oil fields were in lousy shape but still had his minions claim that Iraqi oil will pay . . .

Read the rest.

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